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Here's my review of the Kiss Wembley 1999 gig.   It's not going to review performances or songs, but the atmosphere.
I travelled down to London from Lancashire on the train with 2 Kiss fans I met, Mick and Darren (hi guys!!!) who were great chaps and planning a Kiss tribute band Hotter Than Hell.
Myself and my friends Aly and Jen (hi gals!) arrived at Wembley at about 18:45......we queued for about 10 minutes to get in.........once inside we hit the scrum for merchandise.  I've got to admit, Wembley Arena had not the best facilities, with the merchandise stall being the worse.  The queue was about 20 deep and I was nominated to queue!  Once I got to the front, it was OK, until I had to push out.  Everyone was good natured though.  Must say the merchandise was not badly priced and good quality (and stylish of course!!!!).
We missed the 1st half of the support's first song as we queued AGAIN to get into the standing area.
We were stood about 4 metres from the front at Paul Stanley's side of the stage.
OK............when Kiss arrived, you could see Paul through the curtain, but who cares.  When the curtain fell, everyone went psycho.  I'll agree with James Vincent and say I've heard better mixes at gigs, but the sheer power and energy blew us away.  Psycho Circus is the perfect opener for this tour, but everyone went mad when they played Shout It Out Loud and there was a surge to the front...........no trouble, just great energy from the crowd.
The other highlights of the gig for me was Paul flying over the crowd, the obvious Gene blood spitting show and the confetti dropped during Rock And Roll All Nite (Glad I didn't have to sweep up after!)
Must say the 3D glasses were a bit of a pain.  With me jumping around I got a little hot and had difficulty keeping the glasses on with sweat everywhere.
The gig was WONDERFUL and as a show it was the best.......the pyros felt as they would burn and there were more fireworks than Bonfire Night and the 4th July put together.
This has to be the greatest show on earth at the moment...............and I was lucky that I was at the only UK show of the tour.


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