Unholy Downunder 1996

Report and pics by Matthew Cawley
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Part one:

When I first saw the poster that Bruce Kulick and Eric singer were coming to Brashs I couldn't believe it, I thought here's my chance to meet two members of my favourite band Kiss. I couldn't wait till the day came, counting down the days, counting down the hours. At about 6:00am on that morning I was outside with two friends. I was really angry at them because we got there so late, but I was surprised to see no one there at all at that time. As we waited the line got bigger, it circled the block and then finally the doors opened and every single person ran into the store like a shot gun, running up stairs, pushing people over until we got to the 3rd floor. The waiting around, was terrible all this anxiety was building up in me, until the announcer came on, sure he cracked a couple of stupid jokes like they always do and then he announced them one by one.

Eric came out first, he said the Bruce was taking a piss, but soon after Bruce came out the crowd went wild, it was amazing. There was a quick Q and A (Questions and Answers) which people who knew nothing of the band were asking the most stupid questions like. Are you still in Kiss? and What concerts did Mark St John play?. The cool thing was that for the first time I was up the front, taking all these pictures, while my friend Darren was filming it. They were pushed for time and they seemed tired, one good question that came out was " Tell us what we can expect from you at your clinic"? I really wanted to know because I had bought tickets and didn't know how they were going to put this show on.

Part two:

The concert was magnificent, to that point I hadn't seen anything better, the venue was small but it could fit a couple of thousand.Bruce and Eric both came out to a enormous applause where both of them sat down, they didn't talk but they broke into Unholy first of all. Eric was singing and they hired a local bass player to play with them, Eric's voice was really good and clear, it almost sounded harmonic, it was good for the song. Next up was Domino where Bruce sang, it was really a different version of it, it was more funkier, if you can believe that. Bruce's voice was good as well. They stopped for awhile and had a little chat to us about there so glad to be here in Australia and Melbourne that they love the Women down here, and at this point Bruce went back stage, which left Eric by himself.

Eric's Clinic: Eric was excellent he played a lot of solos including Eric Carr's solo on Revenge, he sang four kiss songs with the bassist and a rhythm guitarist, but there was no leads they sounded really weird but they still sounded good. the songs were, Nothing to Lose, Firehouse, Hotter than Hell and 100,000 years. He then sang to completely new songs which I've never heard before, they were really heavy and sounded fantastic, although I can't recall the name of the songs.He then stopped and answered some questions people threw at him.

Eric then finished off with Creatures of the night, his clinic lasted about one hour.

Bruce Kulick:
There was a 10 minute pause and all we did was chant Bruce's name, until finally he came out, he sat down and did a couple of songs instrumental like Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin and All along the Watchtower by Jimmy Hendrix. He also played two kiss songs with the same bassist and rhythm guitarist, but no drummer, they sounded quite good they were Every time I look at you and Heaven's on Fire. Bruce then brought out the acoustic and a Local drummer and played an acoustic version of 2000 man and a new song. Finally he ended with God of thunder and played the bass for this one, he imitated Gene a lot in that one. Bruce also stopped to answer a few questions from the crowd. I will always remember one of the questions that someone shouted out, "Do you have any hatred towards Gene and Paul?". He replied like I knew he would in true Kiss spirit. "Gene and Paul are like a family, we were a close unit and still are. I still continue to CO write songs with Paul and they really tipped their hat off to myself and Eric, we both knew what Gene and Paul wanted and we didn't want to get in their way or be on the sidelines, so we decided to branch out and become hopefully successful as well."

There was another interval of about 10 minutes, and again to a enormous applause as both Eric and Bruce came out. They both said that they had a really good time and that they will be back (hopefully soon). They then played God gave Rock and Roll to You and Rock 'n' Roll all Night, for their finale, they played two encores which consisted of a Kiss mix where they played about five different Kiss songs in one song, they were I was made for loving you, Shandi, Spit (from Revenge),Reason to Live and Forever, and then Save me by Queen. That was the end of the show, both Eric and Bruce thanked us all again and went backstage for about half an hour, they both appeared again and mingled with the crowd which was really cool, they also were kind enough to do a autograph session as well

The whole concert took about 2 and half to three hours, and it was well worth the $25.00 (roughly 10 pounds) for the tickets. I really enjoyed myself as did my friends Frank and Darren. I hope that both them will get together again and do another tour and hopefully it hits the UK.

I want to thank Paul Finn for the opportunity of sharing my story about two great members to the world of Kiss fans out there.

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