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KISS Psychos Issue 1One thing that the UK has been sadly lacking as of late is a few decent paper based fanzines - there are one or two out there but not many.  As cool as it is to be able to publish news and articles on the web, most people in the UK still don't have Internet access, that leaves a big gap that needs to be filled. Most mainstream magazines (except Classic Rock of course) don't seem to care as much about KISS anymore, this is where KISS Psycho's steps in - the latest fanzine to hit the UK.

KISS Psycho's is run by Dave Nicholds whose main goal is to provide UK KISS fanatics with a means of sorting out the good bootlegs from the bad. You know how it is, go to most big record fairs and there are loads of KISS cd's you've never heard of before - most of which cost 15 upwards. Dave reviews both audio and video bootlegs and helps point you in the right direction as to which ones are worth shelling out for. In Dave's own words 'it is designed to be an informative and entertaining guide for the die hard KISS Psycho!'.

The mag is great for anyone interested in collecting bootlegs, but what about those who don't? Dave has catered for everybody here by providing a great mix of articles as well as theKISS Psychos bootleg reviews (which are very concise by the way). Issue 1 contains a brilliant interview with Bruce & John from Union, the main focus is the (excellent) Union album but there is also talk about when Bruce left KISS. Pictures of the band are featured throughout. Also featured is a review of KISS Psychos Issue 2The Second Coming and a whole lot more.

So what does it look like? Like most fanzines it's A5 sized and black and white. Okay so a lot of the longer running fanzines have great glossy colour covers now, but so what - I'd rather spend 1.50 on a magazine like this than twice as much on one with a great cover but little else. This is no lightweight fanzine - issue 1 weighs in at 40 pages packed full of KISS! There's a good use of photos used throughout and all of them are really clear and well printed.

Overall this is a great magazine, it's well worth getting hold of a copy. All eras of KISS are covered and there's a great mix of material, old and new. For only one and a half quid you can't go wrong!

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Issue 3 of KISS Psychos is out now, check out the cool new cover (and yes it's still only 1.50!). This issue features a great article on the Elder, literally everything you'd ever want to know about the album is there. There are also reviews of some of the newer releases from Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick and the Rockheads album with Eric Carr. Also thanks to Dave for giving us a mention in this issue!

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