Showbusiness - Mark Radcliffe

This one has come from Nick Smith, the book Showbusiness written by Mark Radcliffe (released a little while ago) features a pretty funny KISS mention from when Mark & Lard saw them back in '96. Nick says the book is well worth reading, here's the KISS bit:-

"I'd only been to the Nynex once, and that was because we'd got free tickets to see KISS, the grand-daddies of comedy rock. They were on fine form in full make-up, flying on winches above the stage, spitting blood and making ludicrous gestures and announcements. At one point, during the credulity-stretching rhythm guitar solo, Paul Stanley screamed, 'Whoaagh, do you feel all right? I've got my love gun loaded tonight'. Tottering around on platforms that would not have been out of place in the North Sea, stripped to the waist to display chest hair you could plait, he regaled the packed arena to the thrilling aural experience of a straight A chord before imparting the further information that 'all the ladies dig my love gun'.

At this point, wiping the tears from my eyes and with my tongue loosened by several pints of Scrumpy at a nearby spit and sawdust hostelry, I sought to break the Stanley code for any fans who were unclear as to his real meaning. Leaning conspiratorially towards the two gnarled behemoths in Megadeth T-shirts shoehorned into the plastic seats in front of us, I let them into the secret: 'He's talking about his penis, you know'.

From the stage the prophet Paul preached on: 'Yeah, let me hear you say wuuuuuurgh if you wanna see my love gun, Manchestaaaah!'

'There he goes again, lads. He wants to know if you'd like to see his penis'.

Lard joined in, gleefully springing to his feet like an unbeliever concerted at a Billy Graham rally, and shouted, 'Paul Stanley has a penis everybody!'."

You can get hold of the book at Amazon UK

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