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The recently released book by Chip Rock has now made it over to the UK. Chip is a photographer from the States that has followed KISS since the very beginning, this book tells Chip's story from the first KISS concert right up until the reunion tour (skipping out the non-makeup years).

The book comes in two editions, the standard one and the signed 'Special Convention Edition' of which there are only 50 in the world (some of these are available in the UK). The one on the right is the special edition. The book is published by Studio Chikara in hardback format and is over 160 pages in length.

The book is packed with photos from Chip's private collection, most of which are black and white but there are plenty of colour ones too. You may well recognise some of the photos as Chip managed to get them published in early KISS tour books along with many appearing in magazines throughout the years. Chip says in the book how he managed to get to meet Paul Stanley in his hotel room to show him some of his photos and needless to say Paul was very impressed. He then managed to sell one to Paul's parents (who had it framed and displayed in their house!) and also gave a picture of Gene to Lydia Criss who gave it as a gift to the Demon himself!

Chip also explains some of the technical details of taking good photographs at a concert and moves from concert to concert with the main focus being from 1974-1979. There's a few Eric Carr pictures too along with a some from the reunion tour as well as dress rehearsals and other special events. The book clearly shows how photographing KISS is Chip's favourite past-time, and if these photos are anything to by I hope he has enough left for another book!

Without doubt one of the best bunch of classic KISS pictures you'll find outside of KISStory and for only 20 quid you wont find a better book.


Ordering Details:-

The video can be ordered direct from the UK from KISS suppliers such as Tracks, or from the Studio Chikara in the States. Expect to pay around 20 for it.


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