Christine Fournier

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Hi My name is Christine Fournier. I didn't get to meet KISS but my dad did. My dad is an avid KISS fan, and has been since he was 14. He idolizes Paul Stanley and the funny thing is he looks a lot like him, A LOT like him. The only difference between Paul and my dad is that Paul is 4 inches taller.  Well when my dad heard that Paul was playing the Phantom he had to go and see it. Since we only live 4 hours from Toronto, Ontario. My dad and his friend went up to see the show. They were sitting in the audience and heard that Gene Simmons was there to watch Paul, so my dads friend went looking through the crowd and found him and got his autograph. After the show my dad and his friend Dave waited to see Paul, but they didnt get a chance cause he slipped out the back door. Well the next day my dad and Dave decided to stop by the theatre again and by luck just happened to get there when Paul was getting out of his car. They stoped him and talked for a few minutes, Dave got his autograph and my dad asked Paul to sign his arm and for a pic with him.  Well my dad had his biggest dream come true that day. My dad told me ever since he could remember listening to KISS as a young teenager he wished to meet Paul Stanley and now at 38 yrs old he had his wish come true. My dad portrays Paul in his tribute band DOUBLE PLATINUM and does a damn good job at it. ( he even has the 7" platforms, that he jumps and runs in, just like Paul). 

Christine Fournier
Ontario, Canada

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