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Just wanted to share my Paul Stanley story with you. I'm a huge fan & have been to 7 shows during this Farewell Tour. I have been in front row 21/2 times this year. ( 1/2 time because KISS Manager Doc McGhee told me to go to the front row but since my ticket wasn't marked such the arena's security made me go back to 5th row) During the Psycho Circus Tour I was front row 
once & couldn't believe the one on one interaction that you have with the band especially Paul. I am a huge fan & at every show except the last I had worn a special airbrushed Paul shirt & he had noticed it, pointed & winked. I had a dream of getting that shirt autographed & retired before the band finished this tour. Everyone just laughed at me! On September 13,2000 I went to the Dayton, Ohio show with 4th row seats but a little disappointed because I hoped to make a connection with Paul one more time. I had my leather biker jacket airbrushed with Paul's face across the back & it turned out awesome! Since I was hoping to be in the front row my husband & I decided that I should dress the groupie part & see if I could get up front. Well it worked & security moved me to front row in front of Paul. When they descended from the ceiling, I held up a sign that read "I wanna get myself KISSED". Paul came over in front of me & turned around & wiggled his butt at me. Then I held up the jacket & he smiled & gave me a little hip motion. A little later I waved a pair of red panties that I had brought with me & Paul threw himself on the stage & rolled out to the edge for me to hand them to him. Then he just laid there & looked at me for what seemed an eternity! He played the whole song with the panties in his hand! Then a little later in the show I pointed to the jacket & mouthed, "Will you sign it?" He mouthed back "Yes". My husband knows someone that works at the arena & knows all of security. He told him what a huge Paul fan I am & asked if there was anyway that he try to get me backstage. The friend said that he wasn't sure if he would be in town but he would try. As the last song played the friend showed up & said let's go. We walked right past security & waited in a small hallway for Paul to walk past. After what seemed an eternity he came out of the shower. I called his name & he stopped & smiled & said come here. I asked him to sign the jacket & airbrushed shirt that I had brought with me. He did that & even posed with me for a photo, which I have sent! I asked Paul if by any chance he remembered me from all the concerts up close & he looked at me & smiled & said "I know you!" My knees went weak. My 27 year dream came true & I have a million dollar photo to prove it! I went to the Columbus, Ohio show 2 wks after this & was moved up front by Doc McGhee but was only there for a few songs. Paul saw me & came out to the edge of the stage & smiled, pointed, nodded & winked! What tops off all this is that when we watched the pay per view I was on it in the first 30 seconds & several other times. They had taped the crowd in Dayton, \Ohio! Now I'm part of Kisstory!
Huge Paul Fan,

[From: Mary]
I wanted to send you a couple photos that were taken at the Indianapolis, Indiana KISS Expo. Included is a photo of Bruce Kulick & myself. He was a very sweet guy. I was the first one to see him walk into the room, and I tapped him on the shoulder. He surprised me by turning around and giving me a big kiss and hug. I have also included photos of The Demon of WCW ; one with his makeup and one without. I had a great time. I wore my jacket that had been signed by Paul Stanley and it got lots of attention. Even Bruce commented on it. 
Mary, Ohio 
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Mary & The Demon (WCW) - no make-up
Mary & The Demon (WCW) - with make-up

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