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Hi my name is Adam and I live on the Central Coast, 1 hour north of Sydney in small town called Umina. My first introduction to Kiss was in 1980 when I was 6 years old. Obviously I was too young to really appreciate Kiss music, but liked their super hero status and would run around in a Gene Simmons mask and draw pictures of my heroes with my other kindergarten class mates.

"I was made for lovin' you" was a huge hit in Australia and Kiss toured for the first time in 1980 for the unmasked tour.

It was'nt until 1988 when Kiss had recently released, "Crazy nights" that Kiss would change my life forever. I was now 13 years old and heavily into music. I was at a friends house and he asked if I'd heard of Kiss and I said I thought they were cool when I was a little kid. He said he taped their new video clip and an old clip. I sat down and watched "Crazy nights" and "Rock and roll all nite". He took me down stairs and said he had a few old Kiss albums and would I like copies. When he played, "I was made for lovin you" the feeling that went through me was amazing. I can't describe it, but I had a mission and over the next two years I would collect every Kiss album ever made.

At first it was difficult as I did'nt think old Kiss albums were available in music stores. I bought a second hand copy of "Dynasty" from a friend and not long after, second hand copies of "destroyer" and "kiss killers" and later on a second hand copy of "Crazy nights".

It was'nt until late 1989 when Kiss had just released "Hot in the shade" when I walked into the local music store and before me were about 12 Kiss albums. I could'nt believe they had made so many albums, but little did I know they also made many more. So over the next 6 months I bought every Kiss album whether it be brand new or second hand, including 5 original singles, all videos, picture discs, posters, original dolls, the works. My bedroom was a Kiss museum and I was obsessed.

Over the next few years I bought "Revenge", Alive III" and "Kiss my ass", but something was missing? The last time Kiss visited Australia was in 1980 and I thought I'd never see my heroes. Then it was announced that kiss would be coming to Australia for the "Kiss my ass" tour. It had been 15 years in the waiting, but the best concert ever.

The following year, the original line-up reunited and announced the reunion tour to come to Australia in 1997. It had been my greatest fantasy to see "Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace" in makeup perform, but regretfully, it was'nt to be. At the time I was actually quite annoyed at how Bruce and Eric had been treated and boycotted the concert as a result. I do regret it greatly now and realise that's show business, but it did'nt feel right at the time. Over the next year I had drifted away from Kiss until mid 98, I had a knee reconstruction and was off work for a month. My girlfriend said I could use the internet she'd had installed to her computer. I'd never used the net before and had a ball. I thought I'd check out Kiss websites and there were dozens of them. All the old feelings came back as I learnt more and more about the band. I even made a contact in the states with a Kiss fan who sent me over some old concert footage and Kiss was back as not only my favourite band, but the most perfect thing in my life. Not long after Kiss released' "Psycho Circus" and it is one of my favourite Kiss albums (Even ranks with vintage Kiss albums). After that, over the next 2 years, I collected every Kiss album on CD and then the dream came true... Kiss announced their farewell to coming to Australia in 2001. I lined up at Fox studios, Sydney for hours and bought two tickets for me and my fiancee and then went inside to watch and Aussie Kiss tribute band.

Then the night came in April where I would share my ultimate dream with the love of my life. It was the best concert I have and will ever go to (Even better than the "Kiss my ass" concert).

So that's my KISStory. I hope it meant something to you.

And remember, Kiss means more than a Rock band. Kiss is the perfect rock band and gives me a feeling that I can't describe, but all you fellow Kiss fans know what I'm talking about.
Thanks for reading
Adam from Down under.

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