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Greetings from Canada!!!!

My name is Jim and My story begins in 1975.originally it was my older brother who got me Into kiss. one day he brought home an 8-track (yes you read that Correctly!) Copy of the kiss alive! Album. He of course had to play it for me. I of course thought it was the greatest thing since Alice Cooper (but that of course is another story) anyway we both listened to it over and over til it wore out and I got an lp copy which we also wore out.

My next brush of kiss fever was seeing kiss live on the midnight special. After that I was completely hooked. I had to see them live. As luck would have it they came to my town (kitchener) at the tail end of the "kiss Alive tour" (april 23 1976) of course I was completely blowwn away. The make up costumes theatrics and of course the music was just the greatest thing ever. I have since seen them live a number of times in the last twenty five years. I have also met ace and peter at kiss expos in Toronto,canada. I of course also have a vast collection of kiss memorbalia which spans from then til now. Sadly kiss are now bidding the world farewell. Thanks to kiss for many great memories over the last twenty six years and thank you for letting me share my story with you. 
Rock and roll all nite and party every

kiss rules!!!!!

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