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donna2.jpg (10632 bytes)Hi I am Donna Mosley from Jacksonville Florida and I have this pic of me with a rose on my butt like Paul has on his arm. I want to show this to the world that Paul owns this, but he just doesn't know it yet....

donna1.jpg (4759 bytes)I have been a Kiss fan since I was 12 years old. I have been crazy about Paul ever since I layed eyes on him....I love his music.... he has the best looking body that I have ever seen on a man. I met Paul here in Jacksonville Florida at the Hilton hotel and he asked me in his room, but I was to scared my legs just wouldn't move....boy if I ever had another chance I would......hoping for another chance.

I have a heart shaped piece of wood that I've had since I was 17 years old and the last time Kiss was here in Jacksonville Florida I won two free tickets to the concert with that heart shape of Paul. I also have one hundred pic's of Paul on my computer, all I want is for you to put my pic's and poem on the net for all to see how I feel about Paul....and hope that paul will see it too....I am sending my poem.....hope you like it....thank you, Donna Mosley.....

"Here's my soul looking inside"
The man I love has turned his heart and soul away from me,
I'm standing in the middle of my soul
And here is what I feel and see,
Im spinning inside a world of beauty,
I see clouds with feelings of my senses of love with me,
Im dressed with a white gown of see thru silk with a flow of diamonds that
Reflects colors and with the wave of wings,
My shoes are of diamond lace very beautiful to the human eye,
My hair is long and black with a crown of diamonds that dresses down my hair,
My face is of youth and my body is perfect to his eyes,
I feel his presence that surrounds me,
I bow my head and bend my knees I raise my hands above my head and I move them
Toward my heart and feeling in need,
I began to stand and open my wings that pulls his presence toward me,
I feel that he resists me trying to complete me,
Im begging his soul to connect with me,
But his soul is far from me my hand is in front of my face as my head is
Turning toward behind me as I feel his soul is cold,
My heart expresses please,
For he is the only one for me,
I turn in pain needing him to feel the same,
I fall again to my knees and begin to look at him,
I pray to him looking at him as a ruler and king the one to posses me
Praying for his body to touch me make love to me,
Praying for him to take possession of me to complete my dreams but he stands
In the midst of me as I'm begging to be free for I need some kind of relief
Because I cant touch from him of what I seek so the pain remains..........
I would do anything for him to be with me waiting for the right time and the
Right way to say I'm in love with you and want you to have and to hold for
But I never can get the chance for I cant reach him so I turn in pain cause
He'll never know that he is my dream my life is full of wishes that will never
Be so I turn away and embrace his memory his face for ever and through

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