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Me at a Wembley pub, ready to go. Notice the black leg band in memory of Eric Carr

I am from the UK and I found out about this site from The Mirror. My Kiss story started in the mid 70's when watching the Old grey whistle test where I remember this guy in black and white make up with one hell of a tongue - it was Gene. I was hooked from then on I went out and brought all the albums from Kiss to Psycho Circus apart from one which is Dressed To Kill which my wife is going to get for me for kissmas.

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My wife and my best man (Hot In The Shade)

My first chance to see kiss was in September 1980 but I had mumps so it was No,No, No but I still have a unused ticket from the last Kiss make up tour before having it off - the make up!!! I had to wait for the Lick It Up tour to see the band and boy what a show - Eric’s tank drum kit and Vinnie’s guitar work were Mind blowing. I remember Gene backing into Vinnie and then knowing they were Playing live, a slip of the frets or what?! The following tour Vinnie had gone and in came Mark (oh no he didn't - oh yes he did!) St john. Not on stage but his work on Animalize was good, fast but good.

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Wembley, four hours before the shade

The Animalize tour was different there was Bruce, scared with Paul telling him to turn the guitar down at the start of I still love you, but what a finish. Now lets get crazy, the Crazy Nights tour was s###; no Stage show, bad sounds and at Wembley, no merchandise. I know the shows were arranged around the Monsters Of Rock festivals, but I wanted more. After that Tour the Kiss legacy went quiet. In 1991 it was reported that Eric Carr had died, two days later my son was born the only

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A plectrum thrown to my
wife by ace. (alive 96-97)

name to call our son was Eric. In 1992 I decided to take my girlfriend, soon to become my wife, to the Revenge show. She had never liked rock music and she had never been to a concert before, how can I put this: she was blown away - that's putting it nicely!! Soon after that our daughter was born - Beth - the only name for a girl. 1996, what a year the kiss reunion, Ace, Gene,Paul and Peter . We were at the front, Ace gave us a plectrum and Gene gave my wife ......excitement !!!

Don't be shocked if I mentioned the spice girls, but I E-mailed the Sun to see if anyone else could see the comparisons between them and Kiss this is my list:-

3)Platform boot's.
4)Make up.
5)Solo album's.(the spice girl's are trying to do that).
6)Lunch boxes
7)The spice girl's had a computer game, kiss had a pinball table.
8)Kiss comic's, spice girl's sticker book's.
9)Kiss radio's, spice camera's.
10)And babies (ask Gene).

PS My son Eric would like to say hello.

My name is Eric I like Psycho Circus.

Yes its genuine.


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