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This is my kiss story:-philj2.jpg (16094 bytes)

About twelve years ago, myself and two friends had a local pub. It was then called Burkes bar. Hence the title.

We saw that there was to be a pram race to raise money for charity. It was decided that we would enter, and I thought it would be a good laugh to dress up.

My friends were not kiss fans but liked ZZ Top, so they dressed as the two bearded guitar axe men. Only one choice for me.......the God of thunder himself.

philj1.jpg (12914 bytes)The make-up was applied in a hurry and the costumes were nothing to shout about, but that didn't stop our photo being in the local paper the following week, or having a good time at the race and walking home after. We turned a few heads!

I might try to make a Gene out-fit for the concert in March. This time there will be a bit more attention to detail!!philj3.jpg (7925 bytes)
Here's a picture of Phil in dress rehersal for the Wembley 1999 gig!

philj4.jpg (12028 bytes)

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