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First time I saw KISS was in '92 on the arse end of the Hot in the Shade tour, even though they were playing songs from the recently released Revenge. I'm  still gutted we didn't get a Revenge tour especially after Paul promised us  they'd be back in the country within 18 months. 4 years to be precise but who  cares as they're worth waiting for!!! Two things spring to mind on my first  experience with KISS. Firstly my friend and I bunked out of our final A level  exam as we were both too restless to concentrate and we just had to get to  London. We arrived way too early and as we walked passed Wembley at about  3 in the pm we heard KISS sound-checking Calling Dr. Love. Fuck me, was I loving  it!!!

Another good moment from this occasion was sitting on the train on the way home with the guy who'd managed to rescue the body part of Paul Stanley's  smashed up guitar. I had a good feel of that I can tell you!!! Next time I saw KISS was at Donington for the reunion make up extravaganza.  This was my highlight as my friends and I did the make up and was photographed  by loads of KISS fans and we even made it onto the centre pages of Kerrang  magazine! Cool huh!!!

Wembley was cool, especially to see Gene shitting himself when his crane thing wasn't working properly and he looked like he was going to end up in the crowd  with us. On this occasion one of my friends was lucky enough to actually get the  body part of Paul's smashed guitar. All he said on the subject was "I had to establish that it was mine!" He got it and I can tell you I wouldn't fight him for it!!! Last time I saw KISS was Finsbury Park! A couple of lows on this occasion. Firstly  I went as Eric Carr, with the fox make-up and I was insulted by a few KISS fans  who said " Who the fuck you supposed to be!" True KISS fans would know! How  could you forget Eric!!!

Secondly I broke my rib during RATM as I do get a bit carried away when moshing!!! Highlight though... Paul Stanley flew straight over my head to perform Love Gun. I touched his boot and got a cracking photo too!!! Keep rocking!!!

Love and KISSes from Chris.

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