Bob, Canada

I am a huge KISS fan. I have been listening to them since they arrived on the music scene back in the seventies, so that will give you an idea of my age. I was not caught up to heavily in their make-up-less era or when Vinnie and Eric and others were around, but have loved their recent tour(s) back in costume. I am glad to see the four original members back together again and that they have worked out their differences. I have a great and TRUE, KISS story to tell.

I am from Vancouver, BC, Canada, about 18 months ago they came into to town on their reunion tour. WOW, I had forgotten how fantastic their stage show really was since it was a number of years since I had attended one of their concerts. Fire, lights, flashpots, lasers, blood, hydraulic stages, smashing guitars, burning guitars, the whole works. What a show.

I managed to get 2nd row seats, not that I ever sat down, dead center stage, right in front of Paul. As I arrived at the concert, I decided to check out the local talent. I noticed right in front of us (I was  there with another male friend of mine) were two very scantily clad  and very shapely young women, in their mid twenties. Now when I say scantily clad, I am talking string bikinis and an overcoat. It was  late summer, so with Vancouver's climate, they had to cover up for the  early fall weather (tongue in cheek).

During the concert these two girls sat quietly in front of us. I found it very strange that all they did was sit there, at the odd time applauding certain songs. This remained the case until Gene Simmons broke into God of Thunder, suspended high in the rafters of the arena from a cable. The two girls jumped up and tore off their over coats to proudly display their very fantastic bodies. My friend and I could hardly contain ourselves. You want to talk about perfection, these girls were a twelve on a scale of ten. I am not talking about plastic and silicone, I am talking god's perfection. I would say that one of them measured around 40DD-24-32 and the other was about 38D 22-32, both of them were about 5'10" tall. Here they were standing and dancing in front of us, almost nude, if not for the dental floss they called a bikini, while Gene and the boys pounded out God of Thunder. What a site. This continued until the band slowed things down and played...Beth.

At this point the two girls got up and removed what clothing they had left on. Here I was, a normal (at least as normal as I could be at this point in the show), Canadian born and raised, red blooded guy, standing behind two incredibly beautiful and completely naked women (with exception of the high heeled shoes). Well of course this quickly attracted the attention of the security guards standing in front of the stage not to mention Peter Criss and the boys sitting on the edge of the stage handing out roses. Gene got up and walked over to one of the stage hands and whispered something to him at which point the stage hand proceeded to the two girls and escorted them to side of the stage where they were never to be seen again. What an  experience. Great Band, Great Music, Incredibly Beautiful Women. What more could an average, red blooded, Canadian boy ask for. That's   next.

After the show my friend and I decided to hang around and watch the stage crew tear down the massive assortment of rigging, lights and  sound equipment. About an hour and a half later, who should appear  from the depths of the arena, but the same two girls that had  "performed" in front of us. I guess someone had given them some   clothing to put on as they were now wearing thigh length KISS  T-shirts. Not one to give up on an opportunity, I promptly walked  over to the two of them and asked them if they would like to join my  friend and I for drinks at one of the local bars. They agreed.

The four of us then proceeded to one of local watering holes. Here I  was with an absolutely beautiful women dressed in an over coat, a KISS  T-shirt, high heeled shoes and nothing else. I asked her what happened  when they were whisked her away backstage and she told me that was a  secret between her and Gene. I just wonder what could have happened?  She was beautiful, I had never seen a shape like that before and a  face that needed very little make-up as it bordered on perfection.   Actually she reminded me a lot of Jane Seymour, the actress. We spent  the remainder of the night together and the rest is a secret between  her and I.

So that is my KISS story. Feel free to put it on your web site if you  like.

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