Rick Maccord

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I was working as a manager of a music store called strawberries, we were opening a new store and kiss was there to do a signing. That day almost five hundred fans came, they were wrapped around the building and down the road. My job was to do crowd control out in the parking lot, but just as the band arrived the company vice president came out to get me; she said "we have a  better job for you " since I was a well known kiss fan in the company. As we entered the store Katherine pointed me to a spot et the end of the table at which Gene ( Simmons) was standing, my new position was to stand next to Gene and hand him articles to sign for people; oh and I also had the pleasure of controlling all the screaming female fans. that day I stood next to my idol for the better part of three hours as the band signed for every last fan, Gene was awesome he and I joked and laughed; he kept wiping his hand on my back complaining that people in the northeast sweat too much. The next day I was invited to two promotional events at which Gene remembered me from the day before, he asked if I had a magazine that we had spoken about the day before. I joke with friends that since Gene remembered me that meant i was officially a friend of Gene Simmons!!! What a weekend I will never forget, if anyone ever gets to meet their idol I hope there as great a person as Gene was to me.


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