Dancing In The Street


In July this year the BBC series 'Dancing In The Street' featured a 5 minute film about KISS. Nothing new was mentioned and the interview was very short (with Gene saying absolutely nothing for once!). I've transcribed most of the interview below. All pics are copyright of the BBC.

Paul & Gene during the interview

Paul: "When we were growing up I imagine there were many people drawing pictures of the race car that they wanted to own some day. I think we were probably different in that during school we were probably drawing pictures of what the ultimate stage would look like for a rock and roll show. The difference was we reached a point where we would take that drawing to someone and say 'build this'."

A model that was shown of a stage layout from the Destroyer tour.

Paul (talking about the KISS logo): "The KISS logo was really interesting because the logo that appears on everything to this day I drew. I drew it in my parents living room, freehand with a ruler but without measuring. I did it for a poster for a dance we were doing in New York City and if you look on your album covers to this day the two S's at the bottom are not perfectly paralell because I did it without measuring."

Footage shown of KISS playing 'I Stole Your Love'

Paul: "As far as the make-up went, let's face it when you play some place like this you better make sure can be seen by the last row. You wanna know that somebody down there doesn't look on the stage and go 'is that an ant or is it Paul, or is it Gene?'"

A cool shot of make-up era Paul

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