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Channel 4, 18th Dec 2003
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18th December 2003  Gene Simmons on RI:SE!

At last, after months of Iain Lee doing his best to get KISS on the RI:SE, this morning he was surprised with an interview with Gene via satellite!  Kate sprang the surprise on him and he tried his hardest to get together some questions during some serious hero worship!

Gene talked about:-

  • 'My Dad The Rockstar' - the new cartoon he's been producing, they also showed a clip of this.
  • His new solo album with the track he co-wrote a while back with Bob Dylan, it is going to be Beatle-esque
  • Iain asked Gene what he thought of Phantom Of The Park - Gene replied with his usual Dick Van Dyke impression ('working my fingers to the bone' etc)
  • KISS are in negotiations to bring the tour to Europe/UK next summer
  • He managed to avoid the question about whether there was going to be a new album or not by talking about Symphony instead. Iain mentioned that there was someone on the show yesterday who managed to get into the Symphony rehearsals. Gene also mentioned that they are the number 1 US band for Gold records.
  • He talked about Ace not being in the band (he was actually pretty nice about Ace and didn't have too much of a go). He said that Ace had told him that if he carried on touring he would kill himself
  • He dodged the question about why KISS are opening for Aerosmith by saying Joe Perry got up on stage with them a few days ago and that he was on his original solo album. Gene said it's easier for Aerosmith to move their small amps that it is for KISS to move theirs.
  • He was asked about Gene Simmons Tongue and talked as it it was still going (it is currently on hold). He also mentioned his record company, book...
  • KISS coffins (as per every Gene interview!), Gene said sports bars are buying them to use as coolers, and he got in a joke about there not being cold drinks in England.
  • Gene then got his tongue out for Kate as she told him she could handle it.
  • Gene said he has made arrangements for him and Iain to share a cell if they ever get arrested! Iain replied by saying he would pick up the soap for him anytime!
  • Kate finished by saying Iain bought her a KISS album for her birthday and she loves Beth and GGRARTY!

Overall this was a really cool surprise to spring on the one person on UK TV who is doing his best to keep KISS alive in Britain. Both Iain and Kate both seemed to enjoy the interview, without a doubt RI:SE will be missed (the last show is tomorrow).....

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