We Are One
November 1998

21/10/1998 We Are One limited edition single - BUY IT HERE!
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Psycho Circus 3D videoAt last I've managed to get hold of the new CD single. It took me bloody ages to find one though, maybe Mercury have taken the 'Limited Edition' thing a bit too far??? HMV on Oxford Street said they had some on order, Virgin Megastore said they were completely sold out but have another load on order, Tower Records had some of the enhanced cd's but couldn't get hold of the 3D videos... and so on. I eventually found one of the 3D video sets in HMV at Piccadilly, and it was worth the wait.

Basically there are 2 versions of the single with the Psycho Circus video, a boxed set with an actual video tape and an enhanced cd with the video on the cd itself.

The limited edition box set costs nearly 10 and contains:-

We Are One box setVideo tape with 3D Psycho Circus video and normal Psycho Circus video
3D Glasses
We Are One picture cdPicture CD single with:-
We Are One (edit)
We Are One
In Your Face (new Ace song)
Psycho Circus (audio - no video on this cd)

The enhanced cd costs about 7.50 and contains:-

We Are One enhanced cdWe Are One (edit)
We Are One
Psycho Circus (audio)
Psycho Circus (video that plays when you put it in a pc, but not 3D)
+ the same screen saver as per Psycho Circus album.

Personally I can't get the 3D effect to work very well, but the non-3D version of the video is brilliant. The advantage of the video version is that you don't have to be stuck at your computer to watch it, but even so the quality on the enhanced cd is still very good. It's nice to see that money has been spent on producing a decent KISS video at last, this has got to be the best one in a long time.


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