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It's been a little while since we the last KISS tribute album was released, so here to rectify that is the latest effort direct from Germany. The cd features an impressive 22 song line-up, a couple of those being non-make up songs which is pretty rare nowadays. Unless you're up on your German bands you probably won't have heard of many of the bands on this album. In fact a lot of them are by KISS fans/tribute bands with names like 'Larger Than Life', 'Jean $immons' and 'KISS Forever Band', but don't let that put you off - there's some great tracks to be found here.

The CD was produced by the webmaster of KISS Deutschland Florian Hedwig, and a great job he's done too. In fact one of the best tracks, Rip It Out, is performed by Florian himself - one of the best covers of this song that I've heard to date. A lot of the songs have been interpreted in different ways by the bands, 'I'll Fight Hell To Hold You' for example has a disco beat in the background, nice to see people have tried to be different. Another cool touch are messages from KISS themselves that are scattered around the CD between tracks.

Some of the tracks are far darker & heavier than the KISS originals (Not For The Innocent & Love Gun for example) which might not appeal to all KISS fans, but there's a good mix of material here for everyone. Some of the highlights include:- Rip It Out, Flaming Youth, I Was Made For Lovin' You (by Marijaka - trust me, she has a great voice! This could easily make it into the UK top 10!), Wouldn't You Like To Know Me & Shout It Out Loud.

The CD is finished off very nicely - anyone remember Die Arzte's German version of Unholy on KISS My Ass? Well in a similar fashion this CD is ended with a track called 'Zücho Zirkuss' - a German version of Psycho Circus with a dance beat!! If you liked any of the other KISS tribute albums that came out since the reunion (eg KISSin' Time) then you'll love this too, well worth getting hold of.

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Send an E-mail to Florian Hedwig for more details, or visit the website (in German) here.

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