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Tale Of The Fox is the long awaited video about the life of Eric Carr, arguably the best drummer KISS ever had. One of the first things you'll notice about the video (especially if you're from the UK, Europe or Australia) will be the yellow 'PAL' sticker on the front of the pack. Yes, that means you don't have to try to import the NTSC copy. It's great that Creative Works have bothered to release a PAL version straight away and yet Polygram still can't be arsed to release a PAL version of Second Coming...

This video details the life of Eric Carr from the first time he wanted to play drums, right through his KISS career and finally to his tragic death in 1991. The video is full of interviews with various people important in Eric's life including his parents (who have some great stories to tell), ex-KISS manager Bill Aucoin, Adam Mitchell (co-wrote several KISS songs), Carrie Stevens (Eric's ex-girlfriend)  members of Slaughter and finally somebody that has really worked his ass of for Eric recently - Bruce Kulick.

Bruce appears quite a lot on the video telling stories of what Eric got up to behind stage when playing with KISS, his brother Bob also appears to tell his side of it too. Bruce talks a lot about Eric's Rockheads project of which he helped Eric to produce the soundtrack, something that I hope will eventually get off the ground like it deserves to. The great thing about this video though is that it is full of personal pictures and home video footage from the Caravello family, you get to see Eric messing around back stage and at home, which greatly compliments interviews with his parents.

Unfortunately the video doesn't feature many of Eric's performances with KISS, I guess this is for legal reasons, it would have been great to see more of Eric playing with KISS. You do get to see a small clip of behind the scenes at the God Gave Rock & Roll To You video though which is quite good. Paul & Gene don't feature much on the video (apart from being in the background), although Ace does appear briefly from an interview when he & Eric were inducted into the rock walk of fame in Hollywood.

Overall if you're an fan of Eric's work then you've got to get hold of this video, you'll get to see the real fox at work and play along with a whole load of other material that you'd never have thought you'd get the chance to see (video lasts about 80 minutes).


Ordering Details:-

The video can be ordered direct from the UK from KISS suppliers such as Tracks, or from the official site in the States.

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