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Oblivion Table

This one has come as a bit of a surprise, not long after releasing Nightmare Child Take 2 have released another KISS game - this time it's KISS themed pinball.

If you're a fan of pinball games then you will probably like this one, there's 2 tables to choose from both of which come complete with their own bonus rounds and KISS related features. Both tables are viewed from above (no 3D view), with either a full screen or  scrolling table mode (the later being the best).

Oblivion in full screen mode

The graphics on both tables are very nice, if you've got a fairly decent machine you can crank the resolution up to 1600x1200 and get the most out of the game. Sound is also pretty cool with a rock soundtrack complete with some nice guitar effects - however this is where KISS fans will be disappointed (and let's face it it will mainly be KISS fans buying it).... The game features no KISS music what-so-ever, the nearest you get are a few speech samples from both Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons.

Netherworld Table

So what is in it KISS wise? Well apart from Paul & Gene's bit-parts as mentioned above the tables are completely themed around KISS. There's some some cool KISS heads on table 2, Gene traps the ball with his tongue and Pete flashes into some kind of wildcat when you hit him. Table 1 features an Iceman, KISS shop, KISS logo etc etc. Various KISS pictures & bonus rounds also flash up on the score board at the bottom of the screen.

Netherworld Table Full Screen

So is it worth the 20 quid? Well if you like pinball then yeah, it probably is, both tables work well and have been nicely designed. It's the kind of game that you can just pick up and play without having to read a 300 page instruction manual (you only need 2 fingers to play it after all). Great sound & cool KISS graphics make it good fun, although having a KISS soundtrack would improve the game a lot - the voices of Paul & Gene isn't enough!

Netherworld in scroll mode

Overall, as far as Pinball games go it's great fun and well worth adding to a KISS collection, but maybe there's not enough in there to keep you playing for long. It might not be long before it's put on the shelf next to your KISS lunchboxes, but hey for 20 quid you can't go far wrong. If you don't have room for a real KISS pinball table then this is the next best thing!


Graphics - 8/10

Some nice touches, especially in a high-res mode. The scoreboard is nicely done too.

Sound - 7/10

Good rock soundtrack, nice to hear Paul & Gene.... bit it NEEDS SOME KISS MUSIC!!

Gameplay - 8/10

Great fun when you're in the mood for it (pinball that is).

Overall - 7/10

Well worth adding to a KISS collection, some cool KISS features make it fun but it really needs some music. Like most pinball games you'll get board of it eventually.


Test System

Win 98
Athlon 550
128MB Ram
G400 Video
Sound Blaster Live

Min System

Win 95/98/2000
32Mb Ram
4X CD-ROM Drive
Direct X Video Card
Direct X Sound Card
100Mb Hard disk space

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19.99 RRP
Electronic Boutique,
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