KISS Greatest Hits
June 1997


KISS Greatest Hits - June 1997greahits.jpg (23210 bytes)

Track List
1. Crazy Crazy Nights
2. I Was Made For Lovin' You
3. Detroit Rock City
4. Lick It Up
5. Hard Luck Woman
6. Calling Dr. Love
7. Beth
8. Love Gun
9. God Of Thunder
10. Sure Know Something
11. Deuce
12. Do You Love Me
13. Strutter
14. Rock And Roll All Nite
15. Plaster Caster
16. Hotter Than Hell
17. Shock Me
18. Cold Gin
19. Black Diamond
20. God Gave Rock And Roll To You

This one was released during June 1997 greathcd.gif (39969 bytes)just in time to cash in on the 'Kaos In The Park' show that took place on July 5th. Basically it's just a repackaging of 'Greatest KISS' except it has a few different tracks, notibly a couple of non-makeup tracks (both of which reached number 4 in the UK charts). I'm really confused as to why they dropped the new recording of 'Shout It Out Loud' in favour of 'Hotter Than Hell', that was one of my favourite tracks from 'Greatest KISS'.
The packaging is pretty cool, well better than 'Greatest KISS' anyway. The 4 icons down the spine of the case look pretty cool, as does the cd itself (see the picture), why can't all KISS cd's look like this? This cd can be ordered directly from .

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