Casablanca's, Grimsby 7/5/1999

Review by Martin Clay

I have just returned from the Parasite gig held at the Casablanca - Grimsby and thought I would tell you about it, I travelled to it from Sheffield, it  was the first time I had seen them in a full make-up gig but have seen them at an unplugged gig at the start of the year. The price to get in was only 1, nowhere on this planet can you spent a night getting your head blown off for just 1.

From the moment they came on they kicked ass and played there hearts out mimicking KISS in every way, they played a slightly cut down set to the one we all saw at Wembley, but could have played at Wembley and we all would have got the same electrifying show. There main strength apart from their accurate mimicry is the fact that they are such a cohesive unit and play every song with amazing heart and passion. They blew us all away from the start with Psycho Circus and followed it up with classics like Do you love me, God of Thunder, Shout it out loud and Cold Gin.

I could only think of one thing to say on a down side and that was that Gene didn't fire breathe after Firehouse - maybe that was due to the lowish ceiling in the Casablanca and if that was the only down side it only goes to show what an amazing night I have just had.

If either you or your readers get a chance to go and see them, then do so as they are one of the greatest live bands going and the fact that they play songs which our heroes play is just a bonus as they would play any song with amazing togetherness and skill.

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