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Sweet Pain is a Dutch, The Hague-based, KISS -coverband. This is their story.

In the beginning, Sweet Pain was only a figment of a KISS-fan's imagination. But as such things sometimes go, this particular figment evolved, and back in 1996 a couple of calls made Sweet Pain a fact of life. In those days, it was all simply about three guys playing the KISS -songs they liked. A couple of months later the big guys themselves starred in the MTV-Unplugged series, and, as the saying goes, all hell broke loose. Thousands of lost souls dug up their albums and their merchandise, and KISS was back. In the mean time we had found ourselves some additional talented band members, and there were now five of us, playing lots and lots of songs ranging from the very first KISS -album to the brand-new Carnival of Souls (and now, of course, the reunion-album Psycho Circus). We roamed the stage, we played it loud, and it was good.

Our goal was, and still is, to have as much fun as possible. It's not like we'd get rich & famous playing someone else's songs, and we wouldn't want to, either. Sweet Pain just wants to play, and give the fans a chance to see their favorite songs being played live. These include some diamonds that KISS have rarely, if ever, played live at all, and some that might never get to be played again.

Sweet Pain will NOT wear the make-up. There are two major reasons for that. First and most important, if we did that, we would be fan-bound to play only a limited amount of songs, which is a problem KISS is facing now. That's no good for us, we want to be able to do any song we feel like (do you really never wanna hear Unholy again? C'mon! ). Second, although there are a number of really good look-alikes out there, well, it just ain't the same, is it? So we decided to not even try and bother. It's a kind of "let the music do most of the talking" thing.

Is Sweet Pain a substitute for a real KISS gig? No, of course not (now THAT would be a statement...). But it's an experience in it's own right, and any KISS fan will definitely have a ball. Plus, you can bet it's a hell of a lot better then stayin at home watching those bootleg vid's again.

Sweet Pain is:

Mich zwartjes - vocals
Spike bakker - drums & backing vocals
Michel van tongeren - lead guitars & backing vocals
Ron van dijk - bass
Steve boender - rhythm guitars & backing vocals


Thanks to Mich for providing all the info & pictures.


Dressed To Kill

KISS Forever Band



Contact Details

For more information on Sweet Pain please contact Mich at :-


New CD
A new SWEETPAIN cd is out now!!!!! KISS 'EM ALL!! Tracklist is as follows:-

Magic Touch
Is That You?
Every Time I Look At You
Larger Than Life
Room Service
The Oath
All Hell's Breaking Loose

The dutch kisstributeband did it again!!! Order it now for 12 us $ at http://www.pain.demon.nl 

Sweetpain will be featured with a stand at the coming kiss convention in Zaandam, Holland!! BE THERE!!

Gig Dates
18th November French Bulldog, Scheveningen Holland



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