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I've was lucky enough to get the chance to interview Bruce & John while they were over here promoting Union on 3rd April 1998. Thanks to Bruce & John for taking the time to answer the questions and special thanks to Liz Fairweather (Union's press agent in the UK) for all her help.

Help Union!

I'm sure you agree that Union deserve to make it big over here (if not then you probably haven't heard their new album yet!). Unless UK KISS fans make an effort to see some Union coverage in the media then the chances are there won't be any. I will have a collection of radio stations e-mail addresses here shortly (once the album is released), until then please do your bit by e-mailing the following magazines and let them know that you want to see some Union coverage.

UK Magazines worth mailing:-

Metal Hammer

UK News

UK release dates for Union are as follows:-

Union (first album) 11th May 1998

So far no tour dates are set for the UK (see interview below).

On April 3rd Bruce & John made an appearance at Nottingham Rock City, unfortunately I didn't get chance to visit them, if you happened to be there then please let me know.

The official Union web site can be found at


1) How are you planning on promoting your debut album over here in the UK? Will there be any TV appearances? It would be a great shame if Union turns into a record that can only be found in the KISS section of big record shops (like several other ex-KISS members efforts). Union deserves to be a band in it's own right, not one that only appeals to KISS/Crue fans.

We are doing mainly press, talking to journalists, setting up the release of Union. We are carrying acoustic guitars so we will do some performances on radio and at some special club appearances.(I (Bruce) believe we will get more notice than just a Kiss/Motley spin-off).Thank you!!!.

2) Any plans for a UK single release? I can't think of any song from the album that isn't a potential hit, especially 'Love (I don't need it anymore)'.

Probably not but good choice!!!.

3) Do either of you have any favourite songs on the album? Were there any that were particularly good fun to write/record?

We love them all.None were that difficult to get together."let It Flow" was fun for me with the different guitar sections.

4) It has to be said that the most moving song on the album is 'Robin's Song', what it the story behind this song?

John's lyrics are actually a letter to his former girlfriend. Many of the lyrics were based on real experiences.

5) Were either of you (or indeed Brent & James) fans of each others work before you got together to form Union? Do you have any of each others KISS/Crue albums?

I love John's Scream & Motley record, John dug Carnival Of Souls and Revenge, Brent is a huge Kiss fan & Jamie heard great things from his friends about John and I.

6) It's easy to see that both of you are heavily involved with the Internet (with an official site already - something KISS hasn't even achieved yet). Obviously the net is a great way of mass broadcasting news, but as you know it can be easily misused (such as the 'Bruce appearing on the next KISS album' rubbish that appeared recently), how do you feel about this?

I do feel it (the internet)is important but people always abuse a good thing with rumours etc.

7) Bruce, COS hasn't seemed to have gone down too well with a lot of the 'older' KISS fans (I think it rocks!). Do you think it would have achieved more success had it have been released back in '95?

Not sure, but I was proud of it (esp I walk alone!).

8) Bruce, are there any plans for another guitar clinic tour in the UK? I made it to the Birmingham one back in 1996, it was a great experience and, for me, a good way to get over the bad news that was the KISS reunion!

No plans for now, but Union wants to come here for the festivals or a tour in September.

9) What do think of the current UK music scene?

Very diverse, but not enough ROCK!!!.

10) Have either of you ever visited (or heard of) my KISSin' UK web site?

I have!.

11) Finally do you have any messages for your UK fans? I know there are a lot of KISS fans in the UK that miss Bruce (Crazy Crazy Nights & GGRARTY2 were and always will be KISS' biggest hits in the UK, not all of us are just make-up fans!).

Thank you for all your support through the years and I hope to see you all on tour. UNION will not disappoint you and remember we are taking our own path so come along for the ride.

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