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22/11/97 KISS on BBC1

Unfortunately it wasn't the band but the pinball machine. There was a special 'Through The Keyhole' on BBC1 during 'Children In Need', Lloyd Grossman was wondering around somebody's house and the camera zoomed in on a KISS pinball machine!! He didn't say much about it, only 'this person is obviously into rock music' - it turned out to be the house of one of the Bee Gee's!

22/11/97 KISS on Channel 5 (again!)

Apparently KISS were on Channel 5 a couple of weeks ago on 'Exclusive'. Something about an advert for drug abuse amongst music fans. I actually missed this, so if anyone has it on video please let me know!

22/11/97 Updates

12/10/97 1998 Official Calendar... available now from Virgin Megastore. The Peterborough store had loads of them so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it anywhere else.

11/10/97 I'm back (back in the England groove)!

Ok then so England doesn't really have a groove but never mind! I'm back from my travels around the West of the USA (which explains why this page hasn't been updated for years), and what a time I had! During the coach tour (LA -> Phoenix -> Sedona -> Grand Canyon -> Las Vegas -> Mammoth Mountain -> Yosemite -> Sonora -> Sacramento -> San Francisco -> Monterey -> Carmel -> Solvang -> LA) I met loads of KISS fans working in restaurants, shops, on Alcatraz etc etc - they were everywhere! Best of all I managed to pick up a loads of KISS stuff including:-

An Ace mask from the Stratosphere, Las Vegas
2 official mouse mats (one has a reunion photo and the other has the solo album covers)
2 new T-shirts
A KISS tie (with the solo album faces on it)

I also seen all four of the KISS dolls in LA (if anybody wants to know where they are then drop me a line) - unfortunately the guy in the shop would only sell me all four for $60 - I only wanted one of them (I didn't have room for all four). A shop in the Stratosphere, Las Vegas has loads of KISS stuff including all four masks (minus Ace which I bought!), official KISS candles and official Christmas tree decorations (some black with the KISS logo and others white with the Rock And Roll Over cover). The mouse mats are very cool, the pictures are great quality - I seen some unofficial ones in San Francisco and they were terrible quality - for twice the price!

If anybody else has any of the masks - how the hell do you keep them in good condition?? Mine's a bit out of shape already (mainly due to it being packed in my case), any tips?

12/8/97 KISS in the UK charts

Greatest Hits has made it into the Andy's Records chart, this week it is at #44.

Updates 12/7/97

Updates 7/7/97

Kaos In The Park review has been placed in the Concert Review section.

KISS on Channel 5 (again!)

Apparently Gene & Peter were on another Channel 5 show on the same day as the Jack Docherty show. If anyone has any details about this please let me know!

KISS on the Jack Docherty Show

KISS appeared on the Jack Docherty show on Channel 5 last night (12/6/97). The whole band were there and the interview only lasted about 10 minutes. Nothing much new was said, there was the usual 'we're going to destroy Finsbury Park' type stuff and the new musak that is being produced in the US was mentioned. As usual Paul and Gene done almost all of the talking, Ace didn't say a word and Peter said about two. A very quick clip of the 'Shout It Out Loud' video was shown, this annoyed me a bit, they could have at least shown the whole video.

One of the highlights of the interview was when Jack said to Gene, Paul & Ace that he has always liked their spacey/demonic make-up. Then he turned to Peter and said 'You just look like a sweet little pussy cat, it doesn't work.' (at which point Ace pissed himself laughing and nearly fell off his stool). Jack also said that KISS have taken 6000 condoms with them on this tour, hmmm, I almost believe you! If anyone knows of anymore UK TV appearances please let me know. Thanks to Simon Cosson for letting me know that KISS were going to be on the show.

10/6/97 Rock Circus

Apparently KISS have at last made it into Rock Circus, about time too! For those that don't know Rock Circus is an exhibition in London that features wax models of rock legends. You walk around the place wearing headsets, and as you approach a display you hear music relating to that particular artist. It's been a few years since I was last there, maybe it's time for a return visit...


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