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2001 Calendars

The official 2001 KISS calendar is now available to buy in the UK. Sadly it appears that Danillo won't be producing a KISS calendar this year, so we have to make do with the US format one from Sony Signatures. The calendar is based entirely on recent live photos, and to be honest they are excellent - although unfortunately this year they haven't used any older photos. Most branches of Calendar Club shops will be stocking it at 7.99 each (Calendar Club is a seasonal shop that pops up in various in places near KISSmas - Lakeside have a branch).

Once again, Oliver Books in the UK have  produced the unofficial calendar and it's available now. It always ends up loosing out slightly in quality, but it always contains cool photos that the official one would never use... and no doubt it will soon be the only KISS calendar available.

2000 Calendars

2000 CalendarThe unofficial year 2000 calendar is out already,. it has a good mix of old & new make-up pictures but yet again there's no sign of any other KISS eras. I managed to pick up a copy from Another World who have a few stores around the country.

The calendar is produced in England by Oliver Books and can be obtained by contacting them at the address found in the KISS Gear page.

Danillo's Official calendar is also available, and is full of studio photographs, many of which are from the reunion. Overall it is presented much better than the Oliver books version, and is well worth getting hold of.

1999 Calendars

Official 1999 CalendarI now have details of next years two calendars, I'm still waiting for the official one to arrive, but I do now have a picture of the cover from the newly updated Danilo website. Danilo now accept online orders (http://www.danilo.com), as do Esprit (http://www.eil.co.uk - UK or http://www.eil.com - USA, thanks Paddy!).

The unofficial one is available right now. There's a pretty cool1999 Calendar picture of KISS outside Buck Palace (taken during the reunion), along with a load more make-up shots (some old, some new).

1999 CalendarThe calendar is produced in England by Oliver Books and can be obtained by contacting them at the address found in the KISS Gear page.


1998 Calendars

It's that time of year again - the 1998 KISS calendars are out! Once again there are two - the official and the unofficial. At the minute I have only seen the official one (available from Virgin for 4.99) it has all make-up pictures, mostly new but some older ones are also thrown in. I haven't yet managed to get a copy of the unofficial one, but as soon as I do I'll post some pictures on this page. The official one is published in the UK by Danillo, good luck in finding your copy!

1997 Calendars

I realise that it is now almost half way through the year, but anybody that hasn't got one of the 1997 KISS calendars yet is really missing out. The calendar comes in two flavours - the official one and the not-so-official one, both of them have got some really cool pictures although there are no non-makeup shots in either of them which is a shame. The official one has a few pictures from the Alive/Worldwide 1996-97 tour book, along with a few older pictures. The unofficial one only has older make-up shots, but it's definitely worth getting hold of, even if it isn't quite as good as the official one.

The official calendar is produced in England by Danilo whose web site can be found at http://www.danilo.com.

The unofficial one is also produced in England but by Oliver Books who can be
contacted at the address found in the KISS Gear page.

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