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29/10/1998 Trip to New York KISS concert

Steve International Concert Travel are organising a trip to New York to see KISS play at Madison Square Gardens on 22nd November. The trip is for 4 days / 3 nights and the price is from 489pp for accommodation, flights and KISS ticket.

If you're interested call Steve on 01733 571616.

25/10/1998 Guitar World

kissmag10.jpg (19620 bytes)The October issue of Guitar World features Gene Simmons on the cover and a great interview with Paul, Gene & Ace inside. There's also a few cool KISS related adverts inside, including one for the 24 inch dolls that are a bargain at only $149.99!!! The magazine hit the shops a few weeks ago so you'll have to hurry if you want a copy.



The current issue of Guitarist magazine features 'I Pledge Allegiance To The State Of Rock & Roll' on it's cover cd. However don't be like me and buy the mag thinking that there must be a KISS article inside 'cause there isn't (at least I haven't managed to find one)! The mag costs 4.50, so if you don't yet have Psycho Circus you'll be better off spending the extra 10 quid to get the whole album!

19/10/1998 Remasters part 2

On 2nd November the remasters of Lick It Up, Animalize, Asylum & Crazy Nights will be released here in the UK. Keep your eye's open for another competition - we'll be giving away 5 sets of the albums.

UK Tour

The latest news on the UK tour is that McGhee Entertainment (KISS' management) are currently looking for a major sponsor, more news soon...

Halloween Show

Wish you were going to LA on Halloween? Yeah, me too, but providing everything works properly you should be able to catch the show live on the PepsiWorld web site. You'll need to download both Shockwave and Real Player first though. Be prepared for an early morning if you wanna catch the show!

15/10/1998 The Mirror

Click for larger version!KISSin' UK appeared in The Mirror newspaper today! The article was a lot bigger than I thought it was gonna be, and the picture of yours truly wasn't as bad as I thought either, so as you can imagine I'm pretty chuffed!

Thanks to Jackie at The Mirror for doing such a good job - I especially liked the picture of KISS! If you click on the image you'll get a bigger version of the article.

12/10/1998 Online KISS Shop

I've just started up an Online KISS Shop, almost all the UK & US KISS books are available along with some CD's and videos. All orders are placed through iBS which is a division on WH Smith, so there shouldn't be any hassles with your orders. Best of all they are shipped direct from the UK so delivery times shouldn't be too long. Let me know what you think of this service.

5/10/1998 We Are One limited edition single

According to Mercury UK, We Are One is going to be released in Britain (and the rest of the world) as a limited edition single on November 9th. It will feature the following:-

The UK edition will be very limited with only around 5,000 copies being made, the price is unknown at the minute but expect it to be more than your average single.

There is also some big news in The works for UK Fans, I can't say anything about it yet because nothing's definite, stay tuned!

7/10/1998 UK KISS Film

A new KISS documentary airs in the UK at the Leeds Film Festival on Friday 9th October at 11:15PM. It's a 90 minute documentary about KISS and their fans by Jim Heneghan, it's called 'They Walk Among Us'. Jim and a few other KISS fans will be at the showing.

If you want tickets call Leeds on 0113 2478389. Thanks to Ricky for the info.

4/10/1998 Jack Docherty Show

There is now a full transcript of the Jack Docherty Show interview from last year in the TV section.

3/10/1998 Dressed To Kill Halloween gig

Dressed To KillCan't afford to go to the KISS show in LA at the end of this month (I know there are a few of you that are going, lucky gits!)? Well don't feel left out 'cause the first band ever to sing Psycho Circus live will be playing a special gig in London on the same night. Dressed To Kill sung Psycho Circus at a private gig last month and I guess it'll feature in this show too.

The gig is at The Standard in Walthamstow (opposite Blackhorse Road tube station) on Saturday 31st October. I'm hoping to get there so if you're going let me know. You can read more about the band on the Dressed To Kill page.

29/9/1998 New Rock Magazine

Fed up of the state of British 'rock' mags? Raw disappeared ages ago and evenClassic Rock Issue 1 Kerrang! seems to have changed direction - it seems that Dennis publishing have noticed the hole and have decided to do something about it, their new magazine 'Classic Rock' will be hitting the shelves on 1st October. And even better if you check out the bottom right of the cover you'll see that KISS are featured in the first issue! Here's the press release:-

A brand new UK title from Dennis Publishing, Classic Rock is out on October 1st, containing 76 pages and priced at 2.50. A full-colour magazine, it includes features with (takes a quick breath): Genesis, Steve Hackett, Mott The Hoople, Bruce Dickinson, Marillion, Brian May, Hootie & The Blowfish, Deep Purple, Manic Street Preachers, the 'New Prog' (Radiohead and The Verve) and Mick Wall's REAL story behind the Guns N' Roses 'Get In The Ring'.

News stories include Bad Company classic line-up reunion, an Asia studio report, Kiss, Wetton on the new UK album, Mike Oldfield, Rush, Dream Theater, Fish, Twisted Sister reunion, Bowie plays Ziggy again, Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Bob Catley, Uriah Heep and Thunder.

Besides a free 11-track cover disc including tracks by Greg Lake, So! (featuring Steve Overland of FM), Judas Priest, Humble Pie, Robin Trower, Orange Goblin and Blackfoot, it also finds space to review 79 albums - including Kiss, Dire Straits, Sabbath live, Styx, Nazareth, Silver Sun, Stratovarius, Roger Taylor, 21 Guns, Budgie, Jonny Lang and Sheryl Crow.

This is the magazine you've all been telling us you wanted to see, so it's important you support it right from the start.

Classic Rock will be available in all good newsagents, including WH Smith, but anyone who has difficulty tracking it down is welcome to email me at:

21/9/1998 Psycho Circus Competition & Review!

Psycho CircusThanks to Mercury Records UK, I'm running a competition to give away copies of the Psycho Circus album and posters!! All you have to do is answer a few simple questions. Pop along to the Competition Page to enter!

A Psycho Circus review is available in the CD Releases section.

16/9/1998 New Psycho Circus Article/Possible Single

DotMusic has put up a cool UK KISS article, it's well worth a look. Amongst other things it mentions that a single may be released here later on when some UK dates are confirmed!! Cool or what? Anyway, you'll find the article at
By the way, it's nice to see a favourable UK article for a change, thanks DotMusic!

24/8/1998 Tribute Bands

Dressed To KillI now have a new 'Tribute Bands' section up and running. At the minute I've only got info & pics on the UK band 'Dressed To Kill', but others will appear later.

If you are in, or know details of other KISS tribute bands then please let me know.

23/8/1998 KISS At Rock Circus

rockc1s.jpg (4668 bytes)Thanks to Darren Wells I now have a really good review of the KISS meet & greet that took place back in June 1997 - there are some great photos from Darren too. You'll find it in the Concerts/Events section.

22/8/1998 UK KISS Expo

There is a KISS expo planned for September 20th at Dudley Jbs. I don't yet know if there's going to be any special guests or tribute bands, if I find out any more info I'll post it here.

12/8/1998 Latest Psycho Circus News

Mercury UK have announced the following news snippets:-

Hopefully I'll have more info in a week or so


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