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You can now buy the following KISS products, online, direct from the UK. Please note all orders are placed through the Internet Bookshop & CDParadise  (a division of WH Smith), please contact them if you need to enquire about your order. All prices are in UK pounds and were last verified on 25th March 2000.

KISS Books
KISS - Virgin MoDERN iCoNS
Small hardback book full of cool KISS quotes & pictures.
Full description available on my Books Page.
KISS Revenge Is Sweet
UK book that contains loads of KISS facts from the beginning in the 70's right through to the re-union tour.
Full description available on my Books Page.
KISS The Hottest Band In The Land
Another UK book that's a 'must have'. This one is written from a UK point of view and contains lots of UK photos (such as the famous 70's London pictures).
Full description available on my Books Page.
KISS Live!
This is basically a cut down version of 'Revenge Is Sweet', except it contains a large pull-out poster and has a few different pictures
KISS And Sell: The Making Of A Supergroup
book7.jpg (4153 bytes)A very concise unauthorised biography from the US.
Black Diamond
book6.jpg (3300 bytes)A US book by Dale Sherman, I haven't yet finished reading my copy but so far it's been a great read! I'll post a review when I've finished it.
Black Diamond 2
book5.jpg (3421 bytes)An excellent reference book written by Dale Sherman. For full details go to the Black Diamond 2 excerpts page.
Guitar World Presents KISSbook8.jpg (2962 bytes)
Various Guitar World interviews from over the last few years (including quite a good one of Paul & Bruce from around the time Alive III was released).
Full description available on my Books Page.
KISS And Tell
Contorversial book written by Gordon Gerbert and Bob McAdams, I haven't yet read this but apparently it contains a lot of 'stories' about Ace.
KISS And Tell, More
Follow up to the above book, once again I haven't read it so I can't really comment.
KISS: Psycho Circus
Released in September 1998, this is a collection of Psycho Circus comics in one book, not yet available in UK book stores!


UK Music Compact Discs/Cassettes

Detroit Rock City Soundtrack
The soundtrack to the upcoming KISS related film Detroit Rock City. Features some cool artists, some covers of classic rock songs, some old KISS tunes... and a brand new KISS ballad!
Psycho Circus Tour Edition (Double cd)
A repackaged version of the Psycho Circus album complete with a 40-minute 6 track live cd! You can read a review of the
live cd here.
Psycho Circus (CD)
This latest offering from KISS contains the brilliant tracks 'Psycho Circus, 'We Are One' and 'Raise Your Glasses' plus a hell of a lot more.
I've written a review of the album on the CD Releases page.
Psycho Circus CD Single (Swedish edition)new1.gif (4177 bytes) 2.99
We Are One CD Single (with 3D Psycho Circus video)
The new single released in the UK on 16th November. This features the brand new 3D video complete with a pair of 3D specs to watch it with! Also includes 'In Your Face' - a new Ace song!
We Are One CD Singlenew1.gif (4177 bytes) 3.99
We Are One CD Single (Swedish edition)new1.gif (4177 bytes) 2.99
KISS Greatest Hits (CD)
cd1.jpg (4479 bytes)This was only released in the UK. Full track listing is available on the CD Releases page, it contains a similar track listing as Greatest KISS but with a few more UK specific hits.
Greatest KISS (Cassette Only)
Released just after the reunion tour started, it's worth buying just for the new live version of 'Shout It Out Loud'. The UK version contains slightly different tracks to the US version.


Interview CD's

Kiss Star Profile Interview Discnew1.gif (4177 bytes) 5.49
Kiss In Conversationnew1.gif (4177 bytes) 11.99
An Interview With KISS
[No Pic]
An Interview With KISS (Gene Simmons)int1.jpg (3408 bytes)
UK interview recorded over the phone in 1997 during the reunion tour.


PAL Videos
KISS Crazy Nights 5.49
KISS My Ass 11.99
KISS Konfidential 11.99
KISS Unplugged 11.99
KISS Xtreme Close Up 11.99

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