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30/12/99 Tale Of The Fox

The brand new video about the life of Eric Carr has now been released over here in the UK (on PAL!).

It is well worth getting hold of if you're a fan of Eric's work, the Caravello family have done a brilliant job of putting together a video of both Eric's public and private life.

<<Click here to read the Tale Of The Fox review>>

29/12/99 Tour dates

Looks like the date of Feb 11th for the next tour wasn't far off - 2 dates in Texas have just been announced, the first being on Feb 12th. I'll post more dates as and when I get them, currently there are no worldwide plans...

Lookout for a review of the great 'Tale Of The Fox' video tomorrow (sorry I haven't had time to post it earlier).

24/12/99 KISS on Slade special

Last night on BBC1's Slade documentary 'It's Slade' there was a very quick clip from 1996's Shout It Out Loud video. They said something like 'it didn't take long before American bands such as KISS were copying Slade'. Also, the lead guitarist was saying how he was mad about anything to do with Space - and he was shown wearing an outfit not unlike another certain SpaceAce, complete with boots (check him out on the Top Of The Pops version of 'Merry Christmas Everybody' and you'll see what I mean)!

Next KISS tour

I've heard from a very good source that the next KISS tour will be kicking off on February 11th 2000. Still no word as to whether it's a world or US tour though.

Hope you all have a great KISSmas, this site will still be updated over the hols, complete with some new reviews early next week (Eric Carr video, Chip Rock book and more...).

16/12/99 New Clownwhite pages

As mentioned yesterday the Clownwhite pages have had a much needed re-vamp and are now available at

Details of all 3 issues are available on the new pages along with ordering information. Let me know what you think of the new design - if you find any problems with links please don't hesitate to tell me about it!

15/12/99 Clownwhite III out now!

The third issue of the UK's top KISS magazine was released today. As usual Deno has done a brilliant job in putting it together, making this without doubt the best issue so far. This issue is packed to the brim with with:-

You can grab a copy by writing to the address on the Clownwhite Page (which will be completely revamped by the end of the week).

14/12/99 Detroit Rock City special

For those of you that still don't have a copy of the DRC special, Another World has just got in a whole load more copies. They're well worth getting hold of especially for just over 2 quid (mail order companies are already charging 7 quid!). They've also got in a few Psycho Circus comic specials and calendars etc. I went to the Leicester branch at 23 Silver Street in the city centre. Also, one of the cheap-shit dodgy shops had a speaker outside advertising KISS dolls! Sadly there were none to be found inside, but I've heard they go for about 3 quid.

KISS Trivia Challenge

A few of you have asked me about this - as of yet there's no news of a UK release, but from what I've heard 8,000 KISS questions are now complied for it! The actual cd-rom will also feature video clips of the band once it's released early next year. In the mean time, here's a copy of the ad (taken from the DRC special) or click here to read the original press release.

Nightmare Child interview

Talking of games a new interview of the Psycho Circus developers has gone online you can find it here:- 

10/12/99 New Mike Japp CD

Mike Japp, who co-wrote songs with Paul and Gene along with Bryan Adams has written to me to tell me about his new CD. Paul and Mike wrote 'Ain't Quite Right', 'Move On', and 'Take Me Away, (Together As One)' on Paul's solo album. Gene and Mike wrote 'Saint And Sinner' (Creatures Of The Night). Paul, Bryan Adams and Mike wrote 'Down On Your Knees' (Killers).
Mike says that you may be familiar with these songs he co-wrote with Kiss and he hopes they have given you great pleasure. He is currently living and gigging in the UK and has just released his CD over here (along with a website that you can visit  by clicking the banner to the right). Mike says he's sure Kiss Fans who have enjoyed the songs he has been involved in would be interested in checking out his CD.
<<Click here for a list of Mike's songs from the KISS Lyrics Server>>

7/12/99 KISS play Alaska

Not only have KISS announced that they'll be playing Alaska on January 3rd, but Gene has also said that for the next tour they are experimenting with 'I Love It Loud', 'Heaven's On Fire', 'Unholy', 'Take It Off' and 'Domino'. Pretty cool huh, I guess most of those were expected (apart from Take It Off maybe), it'll be interesting to see what Ace makes of Bruce solos!

KISS Mention on C4

Channel 4's 'Shes Gotta Have It' (some sort of crappy clothes program), were doing a rock chick special. At the beginning they were showing who invented the rock chick and one of the bands shown was KISS. They also mentioned them again later on.

KIZZ UK Tribute Band

From: Alex Mcgreevy
Just a note to let UK fans that KIZZ are on their way to the stage. (I hope the band do not mind that I am sending this info to Kissin' UK.) I have to spoke with one member, Steve, who is Ace Frehley, and he has told me that costumes and equipment have been sought and they should be ready to begin playing around Jan-Feb.

With their arrival, the profile of KISS, would surface in Northern Ireland. There is a great fan base here, just the the media (I should know, being a journalist) and broadcasters do not recognise or play the bands songs. The odd, very odd, time you may catch Crazy Nights on the radio and in Discos.

It is a personal dream of mine to host a first Irish Kiss Expo, and now that we have a tribute band - we can one day make that dream a reality. I hope to be helping with the bands publicity and will be in touch with magazines, newspapers etc. They have recorded a CD demo, which I intend to send to Kissin' UK to allow fans to download.

Ancient KISStory

Sorry for the site going back in time earlier today, haven't got a bloody clue why it happened, my web hosts kindly restored the site to 11th November.

The Lyrics server is now up and running again - it wasn't finding any songs earlier on today.

6/12/99 KISStory II

For those of you who have been waiting almost a year for KISStory II and were expecting it to be released this month....... I've just heard that Gene has decided to revise some pages and now it won't ship until late January! I seem to remember the same thing happening with the first book, but that was worth the wait, just hope this one is.

5/12/99 Union Sweden gig

From: Alex Bergdahl
Just back from Union's final gig at the Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden. It was great, although the place had a curfew, so the set was cut short. Having not seen Bruce perform live since KISS in Copenhagen 1988 this was a real thrill. As an encore they did Cold gin, inviting all promoters, managers and the support band on stage.
An interesting evening. BTW, Bruce's opinion on my request for an autograph on Michael Bolton's Everybody's Crazy LP: "Now this is disgusting".

4/12/99 Detroit Rock City UK DVD release

Detroit Rock City will be released on DVD (UK & Europe market) Zone 2 on April 24th 2000 with same format as US edition. The DVD comes with tonnes of extra stuff such as 3 commentary tracks, deleted scenes, multi-angle video of Detroit Rock City and loads more. Thanks to James Vincent for the release date.

3/12/99 Clownwhite 3

The new issue of CLOWNWHITE goes on sale next week. There has been a slight modification to the cover - now featuring Paul Stanley on a dazzling white backdrop - as opposed to the purple one. The magazine is now being distributed 'worldwide' via Diamond Comic Distributors (who handle the McFarlane 'Psycho Circus' comic and magazine). This will start with the first 2 issues in February 2000.
The main feature of the new issue is an interview with the 'Starchild' - Paul Stanley himself. Paul took a time-out from his vacation this Tuesday, to talk to editor Deno Tofalos. All will be revealed in the new magazine...

For overseas fans who haven't already picked up copies and can't wait here's how to order direct from us: send an international money order payable to DCT-Design for the value of 5.50 each issue (English currency ONLY!) to: CLOWNWHITE, 21 Bembridge Drive, Bolton, Lancs, BL3 1RJ, England.

2/12/99 Gene on Roseanne, Men & Motors (Get's around a bit doesn't he?)

Darren Wells has sent details about a couple of mentions that KISS got on UK TV recently (I missed 'em both). There's also some news about a dance version of Heavens On Fire:-

1/12/99 Mark St John - White Tiger re-release

From: Eddie.M.Coralnick -  EMC Records
Hello (it's here) it has been a six month journey to put this re-release together and with time it has become a very awesome package. I have included various live shots and an unreleased band shot, not to mention that it has been digitally remastered (which sounds excellent). I also have included a bonus remixed 
track "rock warriors" mixed by Michael Wagener. if you liked the original release on vinyl or cassette or if you like Mark st. John's playing on the multi platinum Animalize, you will really like the digitally remastering of the "White Tiger" today I received the first and possibly only run of 1, 000 copies, so yes I would call them "limited edition" you can print an order form from the EMC website click on the 
Blinking tiger to order........ sorry for the inconvenience, but no credit cards will be 
Accepted........... I apologize for the time spent sitting and waiting, but it was well worth the wait!!!!!!

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