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27/9/99 Stella PicStella

As mentioned yesterday here's a picture of Stella McCartney in her KISS jacket - one of those papery ones from the 70's by the look of it.

The picture is in the latest issue of Heat magazine that came out today, thanks to Martin Unsworth for letting me know about it.

26/9/99 Another famous UK fan exposed!Stella

I've been told that last week on GMTV there was an interview with Stella McCartney (famous designer and Paul's daughter). At the very end of the interview she smiled and turned her back around to let the camera see her jacket - which contained none other than a KISS design! Apparently it was a painting of all 4 of their faces, if I can find a pic of it I'll post it here.

26/9/99 Daily Record

Saturday's Daily Record had an article about Diana Ross, one of the things it covered was how she wanted to marry Gene, and her accusations that Cher stole him from her. There was a pic of Gene in there too, thanks to Martin Clay for the info.

22/9/99 New UK TV Special

KISS Online has mentioned details of a new UK program that is being produced about KISS - it is to be part of a series about the top 10 American bands, I'm trying to find out more info asap.

21/9/99 Flaming Drumsticks

No this isn't KISS' latest stage trick - it's Eric Singers from when he played onstage with Alice Cooper last Sunday night. Halfway though his solo all the lights on stage were completely turned off and Eric pulls out a pair of drumsticks that have been set on fire! Apparently he then played the rest of the solo with the flaming sticks providing the only light in the arena!

18/9/99 What's goin on?

Sorry for the lack of updates - I've been in Devon for the last week. What the hell is going on with KISS? I was hoping to get an unplanned trip to Vegas to see them in their own country only to find out that they're only playing four songs!! And not only that but I've just read on KISS Asylum that Paul Stanley is about to start another new project - this time in Jekll and Hyde on Broadway.

And just to add insult to injury The Demon WCW wrestler has been droppedWCW already, although this might not be as bad as it sounds. I got an E-mail from Alex Wargacki (who was at the Demon's launch last month):-

"The wrestling went really well and there were big plans for Kiss and WCW. A joint Kiss & WCW PPV was even being discussed, but unfortunately there has been some kind of contractual dispute and the 'Kiss Demon' and re-appearances by Kiss have been scrapped for some reason. This is of course is a big let down, but all is not lost because there has been serious talk of the WWF signing Kiss for a long term deal."

KIZZ - New UK Tribute Band!

Okay, here's some better news, there is a brand new UK KISS tribute band called KIZZ. They come from Northern Ireland (the first as far as I know) and have been together for the last 2 months. I'll be getting hold of a demo CD and more information soon, so I'll update the Tribute Band section asap.

10/9/99 Screenshots!

Pam from Third Law has very kindly sent in the following article and screenshots of the new PC game 'Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child'. I think you'll agree that it looks like it's gonna be a great game.

By the way there won't be any updates for the next week, but I have a few more articles to upload when I get back....
<<Click here to see more screenshots and the article!>>

There is also another ECTS report about the game on a European games site, Euro Gamer. Click here to read it.

9/9/99 Psycho Circus - PC Game

I received some more news about this game from Third Law themselves who have  just returned back to the States from England. They were over at ECTS (the biggest European games show held at Olympia) giving demos of the game nonstop for 3 hectic days! It seems that it all went well and I'm expecting some brand new screenshots for the site very soon. The game is looking great, keep your eyes open for demos to start to appear.
<<Click here to read ETCS Psycho Circus news 1 (5/9/99)>>
<<Click here to read Psycho Circus news 2 (6/9/99)>>

KISS in Vegas

The MGM in Las Vegas, site of the next KISS concert?

It seems that KISS will be playing a one off concert on Friday 29th October in Las Vegas. That would be so cool - my favourite band in my favourite city, both of them completely OTT! There are tonnes of great places that KISS could play, but the most likely candidate would be the MGM (biggest hotel in the world) where they played a few weeks ago for WCW.

Vegas has also got to be one of the best places I've seen for buying new KISS merchandise, especially from Spencers in The Stratosphere that stock almost everything.

5/9/99 Minor updates

The following small updates have been added to the site:-

2/9/99 Clownwhite 2Clownwhite 2

The new copy of Clownwhite made it through my letterbox today and it's every bit as good as the first issue. This issue features the following:-

There's also a load of adverts that are aimed towards UK fans which is cool. You can buy a copy from the address on the Clownwhite page, if you don't yet have issue 1 than I recommend you get hold of that too, they're well worth paying 3 quid for.

Prophecy Winners!

The winners of the Eric Carr drum sticks & Prophecy cd's have been announced.
<<Click here to see if you're a winner>>


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