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Thanks to Allie at Take 2 & Pam at Third Law for the article & pics!

Key Game Features

Platform - PC CD-ROM
UK Release Date - July 14, 2000

Features all four KISS 'Elder' beings: 

  • Paul Stanley - 'The Starbearer'

  • Gene Simmons - 'The Demon'

  • Ace Frehley - 'The Celestial'

  • Peter Criss - 'The Beast King'

Six individual 'Elder Armour' power-ups to obtain, each corresponding to an item of the outrageous KISS character costumes
Game world based on Todd McFarlane's highly successful comic book series, KISS Psycho Circus
In-game soundtrack contains 10 blistering KISS tracks including "Shout It Out Loud" and "God Gave Rock & Roll To You"!

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Artwork from packaging and poster / ad campaign 


Welcome to the show folks, here are the first in-game screenshots from KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child. This upcoming title from Gathering of Developers straps 3D gamers into a high-paced trip through a twisted world of horror inspired by the KISS legacy, conceived by the imagination of Todd McFarlane and brought to digital life by Third Law Interactive. What’s shown in the shots is an assortment of content from the first of the game’s five outlandish realms. These samples are from current gameplay, and are but a small taste of the carnage that visitors to the Psycho Circus will experience come March 2000.

Powered by Lithtech 2.0, the Psycho Circus will on opening day hold some 25 twisted freaks, 12 bone-smashing weapons, 16 ancient artifacts, scripted in-game cinematics, a slew of boss and mini-boss encounters, high voltage deathmatch and four playable characters. To go from stranded mortal to all-powerful Elder you must attain six progressive levels of power and master each character’s unique set of challenges and abilities. But beware, the path to the Nightmare Child’s lair is lined with more monsters on-screen than any previous first-person shooter. Presented here are some of the critters that will pack your vision:

  • The Arachniclown. In spite of recently having sprouted spider legs he’s still the laughing clown. You know he must be crying on the inside.
  • The Ballbuster. How do you take down a monster that eats cannon balls for breakfast? Shoot him in that big tempting gut for a nasty surprise.
  • The Gasbag. After having his limbs removed then getting stitched up and inflated, the Gasbag’s lot is to be an ungracious hovering blob. His only means of expression is his slobbering acid mouth, so pop him like a meaty balloon before he launches at you.
  • The Headless. These spindly little critters specialize in mass assault. A joke when faced alone. When there’s thirty of them, you run. This is but one of the many Horde Creatures featured in the full game.
  • The Rotsack. Don’t let this crawling bag of badness get away, it has a tendency to re-populate areas with its soulless children, The Larvae.
  • The Stump. These two-legged horde creatures are muscled thugs from the Realm of Fire. Their powerful jaw and jagged fangs have been custom made to fit around the player’s ass.
  • The Unipsycho. He used to be a friendly juggler, but the Nightmare Child has permanently molded him to his unicycle. He’s so mad that his head is on fire!

Also, three weapons from the game’s arsenal are shown here. The rusty Magma Cannon slams its victims with cascades of liquid metal, the glacial Zero Cannon punctures with razor sharp ice blades and the axe named Punisher cuts through the hordes like a scythe through the fields. There are still dark and mysterious secrets locked away in the bowels of the Psycho Circus, so stay tuned!

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Recent UK press coverage

PC Format (Online) May 15th 2000

PC Format (UK's largest PC mag) has just published this small report from the E3 show over in LA. Incidentally the LA Convention Centre where the E3 is held has been decorated with the inflatable KISS figures for the last few days (thanks to Daily Radar for the pic).

[From: PC Format]
We spent most of today with the fabled Gathering of Developers, whose commitment to creating top-notch games above making a fast buck is devastatingly apparent. The visceral thrills of the surprisingly impressive KISS Psycho Circus showed that games based around ageing cock-rockers can be exciting.


PC Zone June 2000

The June issue of PCZONE contains a 1 page article on Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child. Overall it's a pretty positive article that says that this could be the first game to break the mould of crappy rock band game tie-ins. The game should be released this summer.

Click on the picture to read the article in full - thanks to Terry Adams for the scan.
PC Zone Feb 1999

February's edition of PC Zone (a UK computer games mag) has a nice one page article about the forthcoming Psycho Circus game. Nothing is said that isn't already in the press release, but there's a great pic of the band there too and a small quote fromPC Zone Feb 1999 Gene:-

"Our shows are a sensory ambush of hard-core rock 'n' roll, cutting edge technology and in-your-face action. We're working with Bloodshot to convey that same raw, electric excitement in this game. We aren't all gamers ourselves, but we got the word that the Gathering was the place to call if we wanted a guarantee of quality and artist recognition."



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