October 2000
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30th October 2000 KIZZmas Show 2000
[From: Marty, UK Tribute KIZZ]
KISSMAS 2000 at the Empire

Belfast's KISS tribute band 'KIZZ' will be playing on Thursday 21st December 2000, at the Empire Music Hall, 42 Botanic Avenue, Belfast. This will be an event as part of KISSMAS 2000. There will be a support act on the bill also.

Tickets can be reserved or purchased through the Empire on : 02890 249276, and will accept most credit cards.

What a night it promises to be!!!, people will Rock & Roll All Nite!!!

KISSin' London
Just come back from a day in London, is anyone's interested Forbidden Planet on New Oxford Street have loads of the KISS Alive dolls (all 4, £11.99 each) and Tower Records have some of the Originals lunch boxes (minus the one I grabbed for myself!).
29th October 2000 Parasite Halloween gig
parasite4.jpg (10559 bytes)[From: PARASITE]
PARASITE  will be playing at SUGARCUBES nightclub in Lincoln on October 31st. Admission is £2.50 and the doors open at 9pm. Lager and  Vodka will be on sale at a discount price so you will be able to get FREHLEYED(drunk) for less.
SUGARCUBES can be found at West Parade Lincoln
27th October 2000 Latest tour Rumour
The latest rumour doing the rounds is that after limited overseas shows in December the tour will end on the 19th & 20th January at Madison Square Garden. Once again these are just rumours but they are supposed to have come from a source close to Doc (but then don't they all say that?).
Got a WAP phone?
If you have, and you wouldn't mind giving the WAP version of KISSin' UK a quick test for me please drop me an E-mail at Paul@kissinuk.com.
25th October 2000 KISS in Bravo Magazine
[From: KISSNews]
The worlds biggest youth magazine "Bravo" has a full page report on Kiss' Farewell tour in its new issue (#44/Oct. 25, 2000). Bravo is only the second German magazine (besides Rock Hard) to bring a story about Kiss' Farewell Tour.


24th October 2000 Karl Cochran & Ralph E Carle
[From: Ralph Carle]
On Novermber 18th, 2000, Voodooland, featuring Karl Cochran, from the Ace Frehley Band, will team up with Ralph E Carle, of PROPHECY, to rock the Birch Hill Night Club, in Old Bridge, NJ!!! Ralph E Carle (from Eric Carr Tribute CD PROPHECY) will be performing with his current band, DOGWHISTLE!!! For ticket information, and/or directions, email us at lunarmothrecords@hotmail.com  See you at the show!!!

Ralph Carle, Lunar Moth Records
23rd October 2000 DRC
Just a reminder that this week sees the start of Detroit Rock City on Sky Boxoffice PPV. It starts from Wednesday and should be part of the schedule for a couple of weeks.
Thanks for using Penpals
There are now around 60 people signed up on the Penpals page, if you haven't seen it yet you can do so by clicking here. I'll try to get something sorted out so that it's easier to find a person by location, currently most people are UK based although other countries are now starting to use it. If you have any suggestions as to how this can be improved just let me know.
21st October 2000 Sweet Pain
You don't get much better advert for a new CD than this, click on the picture for more details about the Dutch tribute band Sweet Pain and their brand new CD 'KISS EM ALL'. 
Eric Carr DVD - message from Eric's sister
[From: Lorreta Carravello]
IN STOCK NOW!! NEW RELEASE!!! "INSIDE THE TALE OF THE FOX," The ERIC CARR STORY. The True Story, The Untold Story. Now On Video and DVD.. More Eric Carr and Kiss unreleased footage, Photo's and Music for all to Enjoy.. DONT MISS IT!!!

BONUS!!! with each Order RECEIVE A FREE ERIC CARR PROMO GIFT...THIS FREE GIFT OFFER IS ONLY OFFERED THROUGH THE OFFICIAL ERIC CARR WEBSITES: Official Eric Carr website--- http://www.ericcarr.com  Rock for the Cure -- http://www.ericcarr.com/rockheads/foxfesthome.html 

You will receive either a Rockolgy Promo CD, Eric Carr signature Pick, 1 of 2 Different Rockology Press Photos, Or 1 of two special Eric Carr Promo cards.
You can see all these items at http://www.ericcarr.com/rockheads/EricCarrmer.html
18th October 2000 KISS
[From: Bob Gilmartin]
Don't the latest KISS ADVENTURE Webisode 26: JOURNEY OF 1,000 YEARS

It's getting close to the end, but there's still more to come! 
Check out the archive for past Webisodes. 
Be sure to be there!


16th October 2000 Gene denies Euro tour...
[From: KISS Kollector via Fraser Munro]
"Rumors have in been making the rounds all year, but over the last few months and weeks it's become really silly or out of hand as far as rumors go (including gossip on tours of Europe, Japan and Australia, replacements for Peter and/or Ace, etc.). Weird enough there's still fans who think there will be a European tour, but it didn't look and still doesn't look like that at all. Last Saturday (Oct. 14) the KISS Kollector Fanclub received a message from Gene Simmons that there are no plans for Europe, and that KISS might be going over to Japan and Australia."
KISS in Vegas
Apparently Paul Stanley has said in a recent radio interview that KISS have struck a deal with Mandalay Bay (huge casino on the Vegas strip where KISS played 2 farewell gigs) to produce some kind of KISS themed section within the casino.
Possible UK dates for Richie Scarlet
Richie Scarlet is presently in Millbrook Studios New York working on his new album. Ace has promised to 'guest' on at least one track as has Sebastian Bach. One track that has already been completed features  Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway from Alice Cooper. Leslie West is also scheduled to appear and the album is being co-produced by Donnie Vie from Enuff Znuff. The album is set for release in the New Year and will be released in  the U.K. and discussions are already taking place with several labels over here.

Richie is expected back in the U.K. in May with Leslie West and may also take the opportunity to do a couple of solo dates with his own band.

14th October 2000 What DVD
There is a review of The Second Coming DVD in the latest What DVD magazine. Sadly it's by a typical narrow-minded UK journo, so as expected it gets a slagging (2/5). He seems more interested in moaning about the band than he does reviewing the disc.
14th October 2000 KISS mannequins at the Barbican
[From: Si Cosson]
I've just got in from work and was enjoying a swift beer in the kitchen, flicked the TV on and saw our local lunch time news program "London Today". Anyway, one of the reports on today's program was about a Fashion Show totally devoted to music through the ages and all of the costumes in the show are the real ones worn by the respective acts. The report started with a guy who is a Mark Bolan tribute artist and then the camera whips round and Fuck me! Four of the mannequins from the MTV Unplugged Kiss Convention in full battle dress just standing there on the walk way. It was just a quick shot, but thinking about it in retrospect, there could actually be five figures there because the line up I saw was Gene, Paul, Ace and Eric (we're not worthy) Carr, I wouldn't have thought that they would leave Pete out in the cold! Anyhow, if your interested, its showing at the Barbican Centre and is open till the end of the year. Si.
10th October 2000 Casino Ace
Terri Bey, author of Ace's Biography at KISSin' UK was lucky enough to meet up with the Space Ace in the Luxor Casino in August, here's her story:- 
"I was staying at the Luxor Hotel and I heard Ace was staying an extra day in Vegas and I thought I would give it a shot. Well, I go down to the casino floor and I see this six foot one , long haired man with a shoulder bag and I just knew it was ACE FREHLEY!!!!! I was stoked and I came from behind and tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around and I reminded him of who I was ( We met at the guitar show and he sees me at the shows) and and winks at me when I am up close.). Ace even called off his personal bodyguard!!! How cool is that? I mentioned a mutual friend and we chatted. Here I was, hanging with ACE FREHLEY!!! Ace was cool. I asked for a picture with him and we embraced ( Ladies, I got to KISS HIM ) and that was it. I am going to remember this forever."

You can visit Terri's own site here.
Vote Hotter Than Hell!
You may remember a few weeks back the first KISS album came top in the first TopTen Albums poll, well now KISS' Hotter Than Hell is featured in October's selection. You can vote for it over at www.toptenalbums.co.uk
8th October 2000 Dotmusic awards
Vote for this site in Online Music AwardsIn case you haven't noticed this year we're taking part in the Dotmusic Online Music Awards 2000 that are running from now until November 23rd. If you think we deserve it please help us out by clicking the banner to the right, anyone that votes is entered into a compo to win a Playstation 2 or 500 quid. Thanks a lot!!!
Barely a few hours have passed and this is out on bootleg already (and if you look hard enough you'll find the full un-edited version). Shane Penny has this to say about it:-

I never ordered it, but at the last minute this afternoon I was invited out to watch the show at a local KISS fan's home about 10 minutes drive from where I live. I was certainly pleased. Anyhow, before the show they show a 30 minute KISS history, which was an extremely shortened Second Coming jammed into 30 minutes. Then the show came. Some comments.

The Good
1) The incredible rendition of "Psycho Circus"
2) Great video and sound
3) Altogether a great performance. Very tight.

The Bad
1) That video montage in the middle for about 10 minutes. Who needed  that?
2) Several songs cut out (I Love it Loud, Do You Love Me?, 2,000 Man,
Lick it Up) . The only 80's tune was "H.O.F". Luckily, Gene's gandpa vocals in the song were buried a little in the mix. Ace's solo was put after "Shock Me", and edited.

In general, I really liked it. Great performance, and great footage. It's funny that the only negative things I have to say are things that were  left out of the show. Everything that was included rocked! Plus, it was free so that was an extra bonus.

7th October 2000 New Spencers
A brand new Spencer Gifts has just opened up in Leicester (in The Shires shopping centre). No where near as good as it's sister stores in the US (famous for stocking tonnes of KISS stuff), but not too bad. Mind you if you spot any KISS stuff in it then you're a better man than me, although it looks like they can order you stuff in.
[From: PageSix.com]
GENE Simmons - the bass player for Kiss, who has the longest tongue in rock ‘n' roll history - seems to be underendowed in his sense of humor. When Kiss played the Monhegan Sun in Connecticut on Tuesday night, Simmons lost his temper at a fan in the front row and refused to go on with the concert until the man, Sal Governale, left. Governale is better known as "Sal the Stockbroker," a frequent guest on the Howard Stern radio show who delights in calling Stern's producer, Gary Dell'Abate, a "horse-toothed jackass." Sal confesses that when Simmons stuck out his anaconda-like tongue, he stuck out his tongue as well, while putting his thumbs in his ears and wiggling his fingers. "I did it to make Gene laugh," said Governale, who works at Millenium Securities. But Simmons wasn't amused. "Gene pointed at me and said, ‘You're out of here.'" Sal, confronted by security men and a burly roadie, soon left the arena voluntarily. "I didn't want a riot, which was the next step," said Governale. "It was ugly." But Kiss' manager, Doc McGhee, denies Sal was threatened. "They went over and asked him to cut it out, and he said, ‘I feel uncomfortable,' and asked to be escorted out," said McGhee. "He did a good job of annoying Gene. He's got to learn how to act in public." 
5th October 2000 All Back To Mine
Last Night on Channel 4's 'All Back To Mine' Ace Frehley's 'New York Groove' was the first track chosen by Huey from Fun Lovin' Criminals, he said it was always the first song he'd listen to when he got back to New York from being in the marines.
4th October 2000 The Second Coming Winners!!
The Second Coming competition has finally come to an end, many thanks to everyone that entered. Congratulations to all the winners, your prizes will be sent soon. Finally a very special thanks to Aviva International and Direct Video Distribution for supplying the prizes.

Click Here to see who won!
3rd October 2000 Tour news!
[From: aristidis chatzis]
The USA tour will end on 7th of October. A show or two in USA next year (probably in late Feb). Europe ,Oz and Japan January 2001. Two months rest for the Band. That's what Gene Simmons said on SNR last Saturday! Check yourself at www.eddietrunk.com  Hope we all see them again at Wembley Arena!!
KISS Solo on 'All Back To Mine'
[From: Ian Wakeham]
The All Back To Mine programme featuring Huey from Fun Lovin' Criminals will  be broadcast on Channel 4 at 11.30pm on Wednesday 4th October (tomorrow!). If  you remember my previous report some weeks ago, Huey's choice of records  allegedly includes one of the Kiss solo albums. Not sure exactly what to  expect, but it might be worth checking out.
2nd October 2000 Sunday Sport
[From: Martin Unsworth]
Yesterdays edition of The Sunday Sport had an article about Gene Simmons being commissioned to produce a documentary  about sexual excess in the music industry. It will be called "Sex and Drugs and Rock n' roll" and will of course star Gene. There was also a small section about KISS basing Plaster Caster  on Cynthia Langford.
Click Here to read the article
2nd October 2000 KISS Expo 2000 / Parasite
[From: Sam]
This is the information I think a lot of us have been waiting for, I know I have.

Bradford Rios Nightclub
December 3rd
Doors Open 4pm til 10.30pm
There will be all the usual Stalls, Dealers, Competitions etc and the  evening will be rounded off with parasite playing a live set from 8-10pm. If anyone has any requests, just let me or Parasite know.
Tickets are £5 in advance or £7 on the day.


Halloween Extravaganza
date: October 31st,
venue: Suger Cubes, West Parade, Lincoln
Doors open: 9pm
Showtime: 9.45pm Late Bar
Tickets: £2.50

Also, don't forget there may also be another convention this year/early next year, details are still being finalised - Paul.

The Second Coming / Site changes
At last the results of The Second Coming Competition will be announced tomorrow (3rd), sorry for the delay on this but I didn't want to close it until the prizes had arrived.

Site changes

Please note that our move to a new server has meant that the following pages have had to move:-

KISS Lyrics Server can now be found at http://www.kissinuk.com/lyrics 
Clownwhite is now at http://www.kissinuk.com/clownwhite 
KISS Psychos is at http://www.kissinuk.com/psychos 

The old addresses (lyrics.kissinuk.com etc) no longer work, but hopefully the site will be a lot more stable (and faster) now.

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