August 2001
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30th August 2001 Millennium on UK TV
[From: Pete]
The third series of Millennium is due to be shown for the first time on U.K. tv on the Sci-Fi Channel (Tues 9pm, repeated midnight) from Sept 18th.

The episode featuring KISS ("Thirteen Years Later") is episode no.5 and therefore should be on Tuesday 16th October.
Peterborough Rock Cafe
Here's a tip from John Parkin for anyone travelling to the DTK gig at Peterborough this weekend:-

If anyone who is going to the Peterborough gig has a few hours to spare before, then I recommend the Peterborough "Chicago Rock Cafe" - Not only do they sell Stella on tap, but they have a framed Paul Stanley Gold Solo album, surrounded by the four solo album covers. (Near the entrance to the kitchen, on the right of the pub)

They also have one of Gene's bass guitars, in a display case that is dedicated to the Revenge Album - which features the album artwork, a Platinum vinyl record, and text and photo's about the band. (On the left wall at the edge of the dance floor, when looking towards the back of the pub.) 

28th August 2001 Another celeb in a KISS jacket!
What is it about those 70's KISS jackets that celebs are going mad about? Not only did Stella McCartney wear one a couple of years ago (and she looked great too). then Jordan tries one on and now Tori Amos wears one in the promo shots for her new album Strange Little Girls. Who's next?
Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester
The Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester has one of Paul Stanley's Ibanez guitars behind the bar. Also the photos from the four Spin covers are framed above the entrance and blown up bigger than the actual magazines. To the left of the bar is a top live shot of Gene in full make up and there's also blood on an advert for the cafe.
Thanks to Ged Gabrielides for the info.

Click here for more info about the Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester

25th August 2001 Happy Birthday Gene
Happy birthday to none other than the Demon himself who turns 52 today!!!
21st August 2001 Blaze plays KISS
Blaze Bayley turned up at a special Kiss party in Rio de Janeiro recently, and did backing vocals on the classic 'Roll & Roll All Nite', which was performed by local musicians. And you can hear how it all sounded. Just go to to get the full audio impact.
DTK South Shields gig
[From: Bolt Promotions]
DRESSED TO KILL are playing in the north-east of England in South Shields (10
miles east of Newcastle, on the coast). The venue is called THE OFFICE and the gig is on FRIDAY the 31st of AUGUST. There are still some tickets available and they are priced at just £5 each. The band are as usual performing in the awesome 'Love Gun' costumes and doing their full stage show including fire breathing and plenty of pyrotechnics. The band are on stage at 9:30pm prompt and are supported by U.U.F.O ( a UFO tribute band) who are on stage at  7:45pm. A brilliant night out, especially now when the 'real' Kiss have cancelled their scheduled U.K. tour. This is going to be as close as you're going to get to the real thing this year, so make the most of this opportunity. For ticket details telephone the OFFICE venue on  0191 4556083.
Thanks indeed from Colin Smoult.
15th August 2001 See Dressed To Kill in Peterborough
In order to help promote the forthcoming Dressed To Kill gig in Peterborough on September 1st, Steve Jason from The Met Lounge is offering a 2 quid discount for visitors to KISSin' UK. This will let you in for only £4 (£5 after 9).

Peterborough is in part of the country where decent rock gigs are few and far between, it's easy to get to by road or train so why not support DTK by making the trip over! If anyone wants to organise some kind of meet-up with other UK KISS fans either let me know or post something on the mailing list.

To claim the 2 quid off, all you need to do is print of the flyer and take it with you. 
Click here to see the promo flyer and for more info on The Met Lounge

[From: Joe Marshall]
I just thought id tell you of a sighting of KISS in Heat magazine (11-17 August). There is a picture of Billy Zane of Titanic fame @ Mario Testino's book launch wearing a maroon t-shirt with the 4 faces from solo lps fashioned into planet of the apes type faces its really weird. Anyway just thought id let you know 
Rock on 
Joe Marshall (Kiss Fan 15 yrs old)
13th August 2001 Gene in Times supplement!
I guess even Gene didn't imagine he'd ever be on the cover of the Times Higher Education Supplement! The August 10th issue featured a full colour picture (pic is from a photocopy) of him for an article reviewing some new books about the music industry. Strangely there wasn't even a mention of KISS in the entire article! Thanks to Michelle Morgan for the picture.
As mentioned a few days back, Jordan is in the latest issue of GQ wearing a KISS jacket and not a lot else, here's a scan of the pic. Has she ever even heard of KISS? Probably not, but she does look pretty cool in it, can't argue with that!
DTK offer
Check out the site tomorrow for details of an exclusive offer to get into a Dressed To Kill gig in September.
11th August 2001 More Box Set news
The upcoming Kiss box set will include a version of Christine Sixteen that featured Eddie Van Halen on guitar. The box set it due later this year or early in 2002, so details should be available for this soon.
10th August 2001 Box Set news from Billboard
Kiss Kollected For 4 Disc Box Set

Kiss fans now have more to look forward to than the announcement of what are expected to be the band's final live shows ever. On Nov. 6, Mercury will release an
80-track, four-disc box set spanning the band's entire career. Along with Kiss' best known songs will be about 20 rare tracks, including early demos of the songs "Strutter" and "Deuce," rare live recordings of "Firehouse" and "Acrobat" recorded in 1973, as well as recordings of the pre-Kiss incarnation of the band, Wicked Lester. 

Compiled and designed with substantial input from the members of the band, the box set will also include a 96-page booklet with rare photos and a band history.
Read the full article here
9th August 2001 Magazines
Current KISS sightings in the press (thanks to Kevin & Gary Banton):-
  • Latest copy of Mojo has a 1/2 page item on the Kiss Kasket, includes a photo of Gene stood next to the thing, which is full of beer, text just contains the normal comments about the Kasket.
  • In the latest issue of GQ Jordan is wearing the Tyvex KISS Jacket... and not a lot else!
  • Classic Rock has a small piece about the photo on the cover of Alive, the photographer says it was taken in rehearsals. He also says the 2 kids pictured on the back never did come forward.
7th August 2001 Eddie Trunk comments on Ace rumours
Once again, SNR made MAJOR headlines when JJ French of Twisted Sister announced last Saturday that Ace Frehley told him he was no longer in Kiss!! Every web site and magazine has chased this story. Incredible response from SNR, it blows me away every time. I haven't spoken with Ace in a month or so, but I have found out the REAL DEAL, as you would expect from this site. Ace is out of Kiss, BECAUSE THERE IS NO KISS RIGHT NOW!!!! As you all know by now, Kiss is a business. Ace doesn't have a new contract with the band, his last one expired after the final Australian show. Like any employee in a high profile job, you don't have a job unless you have a contract! Ace is moving forward with a solo career. Should Kiss decide to do anything and want him included, they have to cut a new deal with him. This is not the first time this has happened, and probably won't be the last. For now Kiss is OVER. If Gene and Paul do more, they will then approach Ace. That's the REAL story, ONLY on!!!! There is NO news on ANY future touring for the band, INCLUDING a final NYC show! If something changes, you will hear it hear first! (and please pay no attention to all the websites who lifted this story from SNR and didn't credit the SOURCE!!)
6th August 2001 KISS DVDs

Just a reminder that the double KISS DVD will be released on 20th August, the DVD features 2 of the greatest pre-reunion KISS videos - Xtreme Close Up (Revenge era) and Konfidential (Alive III). The catalogue number is 9026032 and it'll cost £19.99,

Also, out on the same date is an unofficial KISS DVD - Rock & Roll Legends Conversation With Kiss. Currently I have no further info except that it will cost £14.99 and has a cat no of PAR61118. Thanks to Russ Peake for the info on that one.

2nd August 2001 Pictures from Ace's Walk Of Fame induction
You may remember back in May Terri Bey sent in a report of Ace' induction into the Bronx Walk Of Fame. Well she has now sent in some photos of the event, they have now been added onto the report page. Many thanks to Terri and Ken Rodenas for the pictures. 

Click here to read Terri's report

Greatest Hits designer
I have recently heard from Mick O'Farrell, who was the guy behind the packaging for Greatest Hits. Mick used to be a KISS fan, so I guess it was a pretty cool job finding out you were going to design an album cover for them. I know a lot of people noticed the mirrored picture on the back when it was released,  Mick has also mentioned how it happened.

"Yeah I did the whole thing (quite a while ago). I started it off as a pitch against a few other design companies but Polygram just gave it us. I was a Kiss fan in the late 70's. I had everything they recorded at one point.

The only thing that marred the whole job for me was that our bureau scanned in a picture the wrong way around on the back tray liner. I didn't notice as Polygram were really pushing to finish the sleeve quickly. What a pain!"

Honeyz KISS ass
[From: Mark McElearney]
My Wife yesterday bought a copy of the teen mag TV Hits. Its your average kids pop thing with pop gossip and song words ( oh joy TOTP will never be the same again).

I was flicking through it and one of the articles is about the new Video for the Honeyz. And one of the band has a massive Red Kiss logo across he backside. So now Hundreds no thousands of little girls and boys will see this and obviously rush out to buy a Kiss album!!! Well it could happen?? Stop laughing at the back.

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