Ace's Bronx Walk Of Fame Induction
Report by Terri Bey

I had the pleasure of being able to attend Ace Frehley's Induction into the Bronx Walk Of Fame at 161st St. and the Grand Concourse on May 20, 2001, all the way from Lexington, Ky. Coming along with me was one of my best friends, and fellow Ace fanatic, Deb Cascio, who also does the "Jokes Of Ace" Page at KISSONLINE, from Rockford, Illinois.

Well,  it was a very cool ceremony.  Deb and I arrived there at around 9:15-9:30 or so ( maybe a little earlier). We saw some of the celebrities arriving ( Diann Carroll,  KRS-One). We met up with Carol Kaye (Ace's publicist) and she said that Ace would arrive in a few minutes. Sure enough, someone said, "He's here." I saw Ace and his girlfriend, Shannon get out of the limo.  I would say Ace arrived at about 10AM.

Anyway, I went up to him, gave him a hug and a kiss,  congratulated him, and he said,  " Hi. Terri."  His girlfriend Shannon,  said, "Gosh, you're everywhere." LOL   Then he went in.   Deb got to say hi to him too, but I will let HER tell HER side of the story on her and her friend, Steve's website, KISSCELLANEOUS, 

Anyway,  I do want to say THANK GOD Deb came with me and was inquisitive enough to ask what the hell was going on because we were under the impression the ceremony was going to be outside!. Well,  she asked this very nice volunteer who told her ,"  I am not going to lie to you,  there is a ceremony inside."  So , we went inside and there was some ceremony for the volunteers or something like that and we watched that for a bit and then got up and then sat in these white chairs and I could see a bunch of KISS fans standing by the elevators.

Anyway,  we are watching the ceremony and I just happened to look around and there was Ace , signing stuff.  I tap Deb's arm and we both go join the other fans and we took pictures of him and I got Ace to sign a picture of me and him together in Australia wearing my ring and bracelet ( you can't see the bracelet but you can see the ring.).  Well,  Ace was busting my chops when he saw the picture. He said, "Now, this must be in Australia." LOL  and he stuck his tongue out a little bit. LOL.  I got my picture taken with him as well and gave him a kiss. .  As for Deb,  go to her  KISSCELLANEOUS site, for her experience.

Then, Deb and I went back into the room, after Ace had gone back up into the elevator ( we were also told by the volunteer that Ace was in a room cooling off, because he was hot.), and Deb, I believe , inquired if we could sit anywhere we wanted and we got the "OK".  So, people were getting up to leave  from the volunteer ceremony  and I saw two seats in the front row, but I decided to follow Deb, and she saw a seat in the front row that was a bit more centered.  AT first, I had to sit two seats down from Deb, but then a woman removed the stuff on the seat in between Deb and me and I moved right next to Deb.

At 11:30am,  they had all these Bronx Public Officials and all that introducing the inductees as they came down to sit at the tables.  Ace came down and wound up sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!!   We got some great pictures.  Ace ,like the others,  went up and made a little speech, thanking his fans for coming etc. He received a certificate/plague. He was really humbled.

We noticed Ace having a nice conversation with the baseball player (forgot his name) sitting next to him.  We got to hear his cackle.  It was awesome sitting five feet away  from him. After the indoor ceremony,  we all walked out for the outside ceremony.

 Here is something cool:  Deb and I ran into our friend, Susan, and we were waiting around and there was Ace coming out and we all walked out of the building together (along with Ace's publicist Carol Kaye, her husband Ricky Byrd and Ace's girlfriend Shannon).  God, it was like being with Ace's entourage. LOL

The outdoor ceremony had the inductees all following each other and they were introduced, then they made a speech and then they pulled a rope and a street sign in their honor with their name on it would be revealed.

Deb and I followed a little bit but we decided to got to Ace's sign which Deb noticed when we got there earlier. My friend Phil in NY,  shot a picture of Ace eatin a hot dog and Ace got
annoyed and said, "Enough."

Anyway,  when it was finally Ace's turn,  he jokingly remarked that the letters could have been a  little bigger.

Then, Deb, Susan and I went for lunch and came back for the parade and Deb got pictures of that because I had run out of film ( I found out later that I had MORE. UGH).

Then , my friend Phil drove, Deb, Susan and me back to Penn Station and that was our day.

This was definitely one of the biggest honors for me as a Ace Frehley fan to attend Ace's ceremony. I have had the pleasure of meeting him in the US and in Australia on the Farewell Tour and giving him a black onyx and silver ring and silver bracelet for his 50th birthday. However, this event definitely has to rank amongst the greatest things I have ever done: being out there supporting Ace Frehley as he receives this great honor.

Keep Rockin'
Terri Diane Bey and Ace Frehley the Beagle

Ace Frehley RULES!!!!!

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Thanks to Terri for the report

All pictures are copyright of Terri Bey and are used with permission.


E. Rutherford


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