February 2002
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28th February 2002 Private party
According to GeneSimmons.com KISS will be playing an offshore private gig next week. The current rumour going around is that it is for the Sultan of Brunei who stages private concerts every year. Whether that is true or not is another matter.
Torpedo girls
Another UK date has been added to the Torpedo Girls UK tour, it's at The Knight bar in Macclesfield click here for more details.
New UK bootleg mailing list
UK KISS fan Robert Mansell has just started a mailing list discussing and trading KISS bootlegs. Click over to http://groups.yahoo.com/subscribe/KISSBoots to join up. 
UK KISS trade site
Good day for UK KISS trading, not only is there a new mailing list but Jon Hindley has just started a new trading site. Check it out at http://mysite.freeserve.com/thekissarchives/ 
27th February 2002 KISS Live In Las Vegas DVD
[From: Joop van Pelt]
The new DVD KISS Live In Las Vegas will be released in Holland and a few other European countries through the same label that put out The Second Coming overhere. Check out the very cool cover as it appeared in their brandnew catalog, in which they state: "October 29, 1999 the entire KISS Army was ready for a live webcast from Las Vegas of their favorite group& and then the internet crashed. Now for all those fans here's that webcast on DVD& guaranteed crashproof!" An  exact release date seems unknown at the moment, however.

New issue KISS Kollector out now 
The February issue of KISS Kollector magazine has been mailed out to all members the other day. Highlights include part 2 of our revealing interview with former KISS manager Bill Aucoin (including an exclusive photo of the living room of his New York appartment where he used to live with Sean Delaney in the seventies), more on the KISS Box Set, a piece on the most collectible magazines from Holland featuring KISS on the cover, a review of Gene's autobiography KISS And Make-up, handwritten messages from Gene, Eric, longtime KISS friend and co-writer Adam Mitchell, former business manager Chris Lendt, Eric Carr's sister Loretta Caravello, great, never before published photos and much, much more.

The next issue of KISS Kollector magazine will include a very revealing interview with Sean Delaney, the mastermind behind much of the whole KISS concept.

26th February 2002 KISS & Winter Olympics
Here are a few pictures for those that missed KISS playing Rock And Roll All Nite at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Their performance was pretty damn good, they played on a moving/spinning stage complete with a couple of figure skaters dancing around them, as expected Eric Singer was on the drums. Ace's Catherine wheel misfired and went limp but apart from that it was great..... unless you happened to have the privilege of Barry Davies talking through half of it (good old BBC).
Click here to see the pictures!
KISS songs used during hockey final
[From: Robert Mansell via mailing list]
2 KISS songs were used at the Olympic Ice Hockey Final:-
I Love It Loud was used regularly similarly as to how Queens We Will Rock You is used !! Also when Canada scored the 4th goal which basically sealed the win, Rock And Roll All Nite was played while the Canadians celebrated !
24th February 2002 KISS & Winter Olympics
The closing ceremony for the Winter Olympics will be shown on BBC1 tonight from 01:50 - 04:00. I don't know what time KISS will be playing Rock & Roll All Nite but hopefully the Beeb won't miss them out.....

From BBC Online:-

"Teenage singer Charlotte Church is set to star in the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City.

The 16-year-old from Cardiff joins an impressive array of American musical talent including Kiss, Bon Jovi, 'N Sync, Christina Aguilera, Moby, Gloria Estefan and Earth Wind & Fire."

22nd February 2002 Torpedo Girls 2nd date
A second date has been confirmed for The Torpedo Girls UK tour later this year, it is on 19th Sep in Southend on Sea. Please check the new Torpedo Girls page for full gig details, I will update this page with further dates as soon as I receive them.
21st February 2002 Torpedo Girls target UK
[From: Mike Stone]
We are in preparation of some gigs of THE TORPEDO GIRLS in the UK for the second half of the year.

Now, the first contract is ready:

On saturday, 21.09.2002, Germany's KISS- tribute THE TORPEDO GIRLS will move to the UK and play their show at Workington's "Monroe's Bar"! See and hear songs from KISS that the original's never, or almost never, played live on stage, like "All American Man", "Speeding back to my baby", "Tonight you belong to me" or "Flaming youth"!

a KISS tribute from germany
Monroe's Bar
Hotline ++44/1900602122

More gigs are going to be prepared...

best regards, take care

Mike Stone
19th February 2002 KISS to close winter olympics!
Next Sunday (24th) KISS will be playing Rock & Roll All Nite as part of the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics!
Bruce pictures
Matt Cawley has kindly sent in some cool pictures of Bruce in Sydney to go with his report. There's some live pics along with some of Bruce's signing session in Utopia Records.

Click here to see the report and pictures 

Exposed on DVD
KISS Exposed will be getting a DVD release on March 26th in North America (region 1), currently no sign of any other regions yet.
16th February 2002 Region 2 version of Las Vegas DVD
Joop van Pelt from KISS Kollector has just informed me that the 'KISS Live in Las Vegas' DVD will be released as a region 2 disk. It will contain 4 'live/lipsynch' songs plus interviews with fans, and they're now thinking of possible extra features.
15th February 2002 Mojo
As mentioned yesterday the latest Mojo (March 2002) features Gene Simmons on the cover alongside a fair few other artists, I now have a couple of pictures from the mag. The article is called '100 Hipsters and legends, icons and visionaries, movers and shakers' and asks 100 of Mojo's favourite artists to name their heroes and the effect they've had on their life. Gene lists Superman as his hero, saying that it was him that made Gene realise that scaling heights was possible even if you are different to everyone else.

Gene is features alongside the likes of Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, Alice Cooper, Diana Ross, Pete Townsend, Lemmy, Cher and Mick Jagger.

There is also a classic quote from Ace (with a small pic) on page 13, it's about Gene calling him a moron during some promo for Gene's book:- "Everybody knows I'm a fuck-up. Oh well, good luck with the book"!!!

Kerrang hits new heights...
Believe it or not the once monster or all rock mags, Kerrang, is now the biggest selling weekly music mag on the world! They have just overtaken NME to the top spot. Read the full story over at BBC.
14th February 2002 Newsbits
[From: Maurice]
The latest issue of Mojo magazine features an article on 100 rock idols, or most influential, or some such.  Anyway, it's got one of those fold-out cover things that makes the cover 3 times it's normal size.  Featured on the cover are the said influential musicians (or whatever it's about) cleverly pasted together to make it look like they are all in the same shot looking up towards the camera.  The fold-out features our favourite Demon believe it or not.  Indeed, this mild surprise borders on sheer delirium when you open up the mag and spot that Gene has a half-page on his favourite Jewish hero, Superman.  Haven't read it yet, I was skint.  Looks good though. Maurice (Mo-reece!)

[From: Martin Wombwell]

  • Another mention of Gene in the Enquirer about makeup spoiling his skin
  • The girls from Sex and the City walked by the loft at 10east 23rd st last night
  • Gene Book review in classic rock.  
13th February 2002 Gene on Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Gene Simmons will be a guest on Late Night With Conan O'Brien on Sun 17th Feb in the UK (for those that don't know Conan is the guy that introduced the reunion press conference in 1996). It should be shown on CNBC (Sky Digital C510) at 20:45. Thanks to Aingel for the info.
12th February 2002 Bruce Kulick in Sydney - report
Matt Cawley has kindly sent in a report from Bruce Kulick's recent signing session and live show in Sydney on 2nd Feb. Matt has also said that he has some photos that he will send later on, from the sounds of it it looks like the live show was excellent (Bruce played some KISS songs with a band called Stand).
Click here to read Matts Bruce Kulick report
Possible German show?
[From: Mike Stone]
Hi there,
this is Mike Stone from Kiss tribute rockers THE TOREPDO GIRLS, Germany.

Since two days now, there are interesting news about a KISS show, together with Germany's RAMMSTEIN, on 31.08.2002 in Lausitz! This date is already made official by the organisation of the race car- company that will arrange this show (a bigger festival) together with a fat car- race- event!

If there's somebody able to read german, here's the official homepage to read these informations in original:

Click Here

Best regards and see ya soon,

11th February 2002 More info on the Vegas DVD
I now have a few more details about the Vegas DVD, it appears that it is indeed unofficial - it is the Pixelon concert from 1999 which was broadcast live over the net (not the Farewell show from 2000 sadly). Unfortunately that particular show was lip-synched hence probably isn't first on the list of concerts most fans want to see on DVD. I believe some people are now trying to put a stop to the release.
10th February 2002 New KISS live DVD!
I have just received some sketchy details about a new KISS DVD called 'KISS Live in Las Vegas'. It is supposed to be released on 15th Feb but sadly it looks like it is only available with region 1 encoding. More info as I get it.
NOTE: It appears that this may be an unofficial release. You can obtain more details from Amazon.com by clicking here.
Gene's interview with Terry Gross
Someone has kindly transcribed part of Gene's controversial interview with Terry Gross, according to the radio station Gene has refused them permission to print the interview. You can read it at:-

Also, if you go to the link below you will find a link to download an MP3 of the entire interview:- http://www.csua.berkeley.edu/~danh/npr/ 

Here's the closing dialog from the interview:-

TG : I'd like to think the personality you presented on our show today is a persona that you've affected as a member of Kiss, but that you're not nearly as obnoxious
when you're at home or with friends

GS : Fair enough, and I'd like to think that the boring lady who's talking to me now is a lot sexier and more interesting than the one's who's doing NPR, studious and reserved.

Colour KISS logos for Eriksons
[From: Cameron Vallance]
Just thought i would let you know that i have a worlds first!
I have designed some colour logos for the ericsson T68 mobile phone which can be uploaded from my site!
KISS Trading Cards in the UK
[From: Mark Cleland]
I am a trading card dealer here in the UK. We stock a large collection of Kiss Trading Cards/ Binders and Chase Sets. DMCCollectableWebPage
We now have in stock the NEW Kiss ALIVE trading cards by NECA.

DMC Collectable
Unit 51 Canal View, Hatfield Road, Thorne,
Doncaster, DN8 5GD    (England)
Tel. +44 (0) 1405 818522    Fax. +44 (0) 1405 81852
7th February 2002 Gene Simmons Tongue
[From: Allen Tuller, publisher Gene Simmons Tongue]
Hi...it's that Gene Simmons Tongue publisher again! Just want to keep you loyal fans in the loop to what's been going on. We're still moving and grooving, putting together more stories, getting more photos' and simply putting together the pieces of the puzzle. We are shooting for a May 21st on-sale date! It may sound like a long ways away but in actuality we will go to press in only 8 short weeks... Subscribers will  actually get the first issue even earlier and the subscription page is all set to go and take your orders.

We plan on starting out with four issues a year but if demand calls for it (and I know it will!!) we may go straight into a 6X frequency and then go monthly in the year ahead. The magazine will be $3.99 but you can get the first 4 issues delivered right to your door for only $6.99! That's a 56% discount...Isn't America great! Just go to http://www.genesimmonstongue.com and sign up! Okay, enough sales pitch, here's what's going on.

Gene, Steve, yours truly and the whole GS Tongue team have been working our asses off talking to celebrities, recording artists and gorgeous girls (I love this job!), setting up stories for our first few issues. The Demon himself has interviewed Fred Durst and Hugh Hefner and has been our man on the scene at many tough assignments such as the Adult Video Awards and The Miss Nude USA contest. I've even given Gene a camera so we can get photographic evidence of what I'll call "Gene's World

I put up a sample cover design on the web site with some cover stories but keep in mind the Premiere Issue will feature a well known celebrity and that this cover was just made up for display and promotional materials.......So please don't bombard me with E-mails saying "Who is that?" 

I am open to any story suggestions that you guys might have and I'm crazy enough to ask you to send me any that you might have...the magazine is for you and I want to hear what you want to read about! I appreciate your input but don't get mad at me if I cannot respond to all my E-mails...I promise to look at all the ideas and discuss them with Gene and the GSTongue Magazine team...

I'll keep ya posted...Thanks!

6th February 2002 Lane Bryant show tonight @ midnight
The Lane Bryant show will be broadcast over the web live tonight starting at midnight (GMT). According to KISS Online they played 5 songs (SHOUT IT OUT LOUD, LICK IT UP, GOD OF THUNDER, LOVE GUN, ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT) while the models, including Anna Nicole Smith (see picture, more over at Yahoo) strutted their stuff down the runway.

Click here to view the webcast over @ Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant show mention in local paper
[From: Allan, Tayside]
Just thought I would write to let you know that on reading my local evening paper I came across a pic of none other than KISS. The pic was taken at the Lane Bryant Fashion show in New York. It shows all four members (including Ace), with Eric Singer in Peter's make-up. The pic was taken at the conclusion of the show and they appear with Anna Nicole Smith and some other female, whom I didn't recognise..............Pic appeared in the Evening Telegraph which is distributed throughout the Tayside area. This is the second or third time Ace has appeared in this paper as he was in for drink driving charges years ago when KISS were on tour in the UK.
5th February 2002 Gene Simmons Tongue Magazine
I have just received some  feedback as to the availability of the new Gene Simmons Tongue magazine in the UK. I've been told that the magazine will indeed be on sale in the UK, but distribution will be limited. I'm guessing that this means the most likely places to find it will be the usual places for US magazine (Borders, Tower Records etc). More news soon.
2nd February 2002 Richie Scarlet touring with Mountain
[From: Paul Newcomb]
MOUNTAIN and STRAY U.K. Tour 2002
We are pleased to confirm the following dates for Mountains UK Tour.  Original members Leslie West and Corky Laing will be joined by Richie Scarlet on bass.  Special guests will be Del Bromham and Stray.  
Thurs 28/2    Southampton - The Brook
Fri        01/3    London  - The Mean Fiddler
Sat       02/3    Swansea  - Patti Pavillion
Sun      03/3    Cardiff  - The Point
Mon     04/3    Milton Keynes - The Stables
Weds   06/3    Newcastle - The Opera House
Thurs  07/3    Brierley Hill - Robin Hood 1 Club 
Fri        08/3    Leicester - The Y Theatre
Sat       09/3    Beverley  - The Picture Playhouse
further information
Best Wishes / Paul Newcomb
Trigger Happy Music Co.

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