Bruce Kulick, Sydney 2/2/2001
Report & pictures by Matt Cawley

Bruce Kulick: 
In store sign in at Utopia Records, George Street, Sydney 2nd February 2002

This event went off quite smoothly, Bruce arrived at about 4:10pm, he looked very tired as he just got off the plane at Sydney airport and brought straight to Utopia Records.

Utopia Records are some what a memorabilia shop. They sell all types of records and collections from around the world including bands like Guns N Roses, Pink Floyd, The Beatles etc and of course Kiss. They have a great selection of music ranging from 60s and 70s hard rock to Industrial metal and what I thought was a great venue for this event.

There was a fairly large queue of good natured fans, extending from babies to parents.
I was fortunate to get my picture taken with the man himself, and even though he was very tired he still managed to put on a happy face and signed everything anyone put in front of him well into the late afternoon.

Bruce Kulick :
Kiss Party at Bar Broadway, Sydney 3rd February 2002

Bar Broadway is situated in the heart of Sydney's entertainment district, close by you have China town and the Broadway cinema's. Inside the bar there is two levels. On the ground floor it consisted of a couple of pool tables, a bar at the end and a few tv's. However upstairs it was completely different, there was a huge stage facing the windows, a few chairs and tables, which most were take away for the gig and to the left there was a bar.

Kiss fans of all sizes were lined up outside, it was a great feeling to be amongst them again. As the doors opened we rushed in and up the stairs. Music was blaring, televisions were alive with concerts from last year, to the right of the stage stood a table full of Kiss merchandise, from your Kiss masks to Kiss Video's. It was swamped in about half a minute and next to it was a stall for copies of Bruce's solo album Audio Dog.

At the beginning of the night, karoke and trivia questions were first. People did their best impressions of Paul and Gene when they were singing but didn't come off so well.

Finally it was time to introduce the first band of the night called Stand, by this time the club was full and we were all in full excitement mode. As soon as the band came on it was time to rock, they were fantastic, they played all originals and the lead singer looked like the famous Paul Stanley. Stand played for about 45mins and I think it gave Bruce credit for choosing them.

But everyone had one thing on their mind Bruce Kulick. We all knew Stand would be playing with Bruce so we were looking forward to his entry. The lights went dim, the name Bruce was being chanted, we could here noises behind the curtain to the stage and then a familiar tune, the curtain pulled back to reveal Bruce and Stand playing "Crazy Nights".

It was brilliant, Bruce was at his prime, doing all his old solos it brought back a lot of fond memories. He was wearing a black bandanna and wearing a silver chain, which read NYO. He wore a goatee and looked alive. They played a few Kiss tunes like "Domino", "I Still Love you" (which sounded fantastic with the lead singer of Stand), "Tears are Falling", "Hide your Heart", "Love Gun". He played a few tracks from Audio Dog in where he took to lead singer and sounded great in "Never Me" (I managed to grab a set list of this song that was on the floor next to Bruce). Bruce brought up the Aussie slang a fair bit, which I thought was hilarious. It all ended spectacularly with "Shout it out loud" as an encore. During that song I managed to catch a drumstick and guitar pick, so I did quite well. 

It was a fantastic show which lasted about 90 mins, all up we were there for the best part of 4 hours and was well worth the money. Bruce stuck around after the show to sign autographs of his album Audio Dog, the man is a trooper. 

It was great meeting and listening to him live again, we can all only hope that Bruce Kulick will be back this way again soon as he will be most welcome.

I would like to express by thanks to Paul Finn of and Chris White of to allow me to share my experience's with millions of Kiss fans around the world.


Thanks to Matt for the report and pictures


Unholy Downunder (also by Matt)

E. Rutherford


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