January 2003
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30th January 2003 First UK radio station to play new KISS song!
Radio2xs, a Sheffield based alternative radio station, has the new KISS song 'Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio' on it's 'A' playlist! They are the first UK station to feature the song (and hopefully not the last!). You can tune in to the station online at http://www.radio2xs.com/ 

Jeff Cooper, the Editor, told me "As a long-time fan of the band, I got into loadsa trouble around 79/80 for insisting playing them on my daytime show at radio Clyde in Glasgow - they finally relented and gave me a weekly Rock Show, which the guys did interviews on.  I'm pretty sure we're the only UK station playlisting it this early."

Thanks to Robert Mansell for originally pointing it out.

Hillbilly Tribute album!
[From: Joop, KISS Kollector]
Hayseed Dixie's A Hillbilly tribute to KISS out on February 18 

You might know Hayseed Dixie from their 2001 debut album "A Hillbilly Tribute To AC/DC", or their 2002 follow-up album "A Hillbilly Tribute To Mountain Love"& On February 18 their third album will be released. And guess what? It's a tribute to KISS, the album's titled "KISS My Grass -  A Hillbilly Tribute To KISS". 

You think you're interested in human sexuality, well so did the boys in Hayseed Dixie. After touring the Western World for a second time in 2002, and going through both several wives each and heroic quantities of fuel/beverage, the boys thought they knew as much about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll as anybody dead or alive. Other than possibly Hank Williams and Bon Scott. Then they heard the writings of one Gene Simmons and one Paul Stanley. From the opening lines of Christine Sixteen to the chorus of Let's Put The X In Sex, the boys knew they had found kindred spirits - men whose music tapped the very heart of their own personal experience. Hear the heart wrenching rendition of Cold Gin, the swagger of Love Gun and the confident cocksure delivery of Lick It Up, and you'll be convinced too - these boys have lived it.

Hayseed Dixie's tour with Kerosene Brothers will kick off in March. For more info, check out www.hayseed-dixie.com.  
Gene & Paul in Amsterdam exhibition
[From: Joop, KISS Kollector]
 Gene & Paul featured in exhibition at Jewish Historic Museum in Amsterdam 
Gene and Paul are featured in a jewish exhibition at the Jewish Historic Museum in Amsterdam, Holland (see  the museum's press release, in Dutch, below  - the English version of the press release is attached). The headline says: "Hollywood celebrities and gangsters at the Jewish Historic Museum". 
Exhibition will take place from February 14 to June 9 (and could be seen before at the Jewish Museum in Vienna, Austria and in Beth Hatefutshoth, the Nahum Goldmann Museum of Jewish Diaspora in Tel Aviv).  
Some 350 portraits of (in)famous jews, made by the Israel-Austrian artist Oz Almog, will be exposed, 'asking' the visitors what the similarities could be between Anne Frank, Jesus, Albert Einstein, etc.

KISS Kollector Fanclub will offer a discount to those fans who are interested in attending the exhibition in Amsterdam. More details will follow in the May issue of KISS Kollector magazine (the February issue has already been printed and mailed out)
21st January 2003 New KISS Kollector
[From: Joop, KISS Kollector]
New issue of KISS Kollector magazine out soon 

The February issue of KISS Kollector magazine goes to print any day now and will be out shortly. The jampacked issue includes reviews of the new photobooks The Early Years and Europe '76 Revisited, a review of the second edition of the huge KISS Album Focus, a review of the forthcoming DVD Unauthorized 2, reviews of KISS related albums by Scooter, Queen Of Japan and Iced Earth (all include one or more KISS covers), interviews with Richie Fontana (who drummed on Paul Stanley's solo album and almost ended up as the new KISS drummer in 1980) and the authors of the awesome KISS Alive Forever book, a report on Gene's Australian lecture tour, personal messages from Gene and Paul, a report on the recent KISS Expo Holland and much, much more (including never before published live shots from the early seventies)
Gene & Shannon on VH1
[From: Gemma Hearn]
There was a short feature about Gene & Shannon on VH1 on a program called All Access: Hot Couples. It just showed a few clips of Gene & Shannon talking about their relationship and it's on again on Friday 31st at 7pm.
Brazilian KISS party
[From: Marcello Azevedo]
The brazilian fans are celebrating the 30th anniversary of best band in the world in. Awesome brazilian party celebrating KISS 30th Anniversary is being organized by the brazilian website Kiss Psycho. X-Rated, Psycho Band and Criss Sexx are the main attractions.They´ll be performing more than 40 Kiss songs. There will be also the famous Kiss´theme drinks and free make up will be available. The party will be held February 15th  starting 4PM at Siqueira Campos Street 206 - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil For more info go to www.kisspsycho.com.br 
19th January 2003 Vegas show confirmed
[From: KISS Online]
Palms Casino Resort, The Nine Group and Clear Channel Entertainment are very proud to announce  THE GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD 


SUNDAY, MARCH 16, 2003 

Las Vegas (January , 2003) – On Sunday, March 16, KISS will perform a very special show in the intimate setting of the RAIN IN THE DESERT inside THE PALMS CASINO RESORT. 

At 10am on Saturday January 25, tickets will go on-sale at www.ticketmaster.com, www.cc.com, and all Ticketmaster outlets. Tickets will also be available at Stuff inside the Palms Casino Resort. To charge by phone, call 702.474.4000. All tickets are subject to service and/or convenience charges. Tickets are priced at $125 and $300. For additional show information, please visit www.cc.com

[KUK note]: The Palms is one of the lastest hotel/casinos to spring up just off the Las Vegas strip. However, I'm pretty sure that 'Rain In The Desert' is only a fairly small night club in the hotel, so I guess this will be a pretty small show for KISS.
KISS/Aerosmith rumour
[From: Billboard.com]
Aerosmith, Kiss Set To Rock'N'Roll All Night 

Aerosmith and Kiss will embark on a co-headlining North American tour beginning in August and running through October, sources confirm. The tour of approximately 40 dates will be produced by Clear Channel Entertainment and is expected to play 90% amphitheaters, with arenas and possibly a couple of stadiums also in the mix. Kiss will perform in full makeup, sources say, and Aerosmith will be touring in support of a new Columbia blues album.

"We want to really try to get everybody in a room at the same time," bassist Tom Hamilton told Billboard.com about the album last September. "It's funny because it triggers all of the competition and uncomfortableness that we've always had going into the studio, and it's going to mean everybody is going to have to be open, vulnerable, and brave, and go in there and do that process like we used to do it."

Aerosmith grossed nearly $40 million from touring in 2002. The group was recently nominated for the best rock performance by a duo or group with vocal for "Girls of Summer," drawn from last year's "O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits" compilation. Aerosmith has also signed on to appear at the Feb. 7 Salute to the Blues concert at New York's Radio City Music Hall.

As for Kiss, the group grossed more than $60 million from its 2000-2001 "farewell" tour. As previously reported, Kiss will join the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for a one-off Feb. 28 concert at the city's 48,000-capacity Telestra Dome. The group has also scheduled a March 11-13 stand at Tokyo's Budokan Hall.
16th January 2003 Book reviews
Dan Bach has kindly submitted 3 reviews of some recent KISS books, the first 2 of which I have read and recommend getting if you haven't so already. They are:-

Big thank you to Dan!

15th January 2003 TOTP2
Apologies to those that missed TOTP2 it was in fact on Tuesday, both 'TV and Satellite Week', DigiGuide AND Sky's TV guide screwed up their listings. Also, it was GGRARTY2 that was shown not Crazy, Crazy Nights, however CCN is still going to be shown at some point so stay tuned!

Check out tomorrow's news page for some reviews of 3 new KISS books, all kindly written by Dan Bach.

12th January 2003 TOTP2 (at last!)
Just before Gene appeared on BBC's Liquid News late last year the BBC hinted 
that the classic 'semi-live' version of Crazy, Crazy Nights would make an 
appearance on TOTP2 soon.... Well at last it looks like it is going to be shown, tune in on BBC2 on Wednesday 15th Jan @ 18:20 to see it.

Thanks to Grahame Smith for spotting it first!

9th January 2003 Planet Rock Interview
[From: Planet Rock]
G'day to all you KISS fans out there,

Want all the behind the scenes info on the hugely anticipated, one-off KISS
SYMPHONY CONCERT in Melbourne Australia in February 2003? Well check out our exclusive interview with the guys themselves. That's right! Listen to
Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Peter Kriss (sic) chat about their huge plans for
this spectacular concert that will see KISS perform with the Melbourne
Symphony Orchestra!!!


Rock on!

The team at Planet Rock.
Hear sample of Rock n Roll Radio
[From: Dave Darroch]
You can hear a sample of the new KISS Ramones track "Rock n Roll Radio" at the KISSFAQ.COM website.
It's pretty cool.
5th January 2003 2003
Hope everyone had a great KISSmas & New Year, to bring in the New Year the 2003 calendar is available for those that are interested (you can get it from Danilo's website). There's loads of new KISS merchandise out in the shops right now too, Virgin are stocking the KISS Rock 'n The Box and mini-mates, and Another World have tonnes of stuff in stock (including the Smiti Playsets and Rock 'n The Box).

Hopefully 2003 will see a nice new 30th anniversary tour, although the chances of Ace making it are looking very slim at the minute. Plus don't forget that there will be a UK KISS Expo this year too....

Ramones Tribute in Feb
[From: KISS Online]
It now appears the Ramones tribute CD "We're A Happy Family" which includes KISS covering "Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio" will be released on February 11th.

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