KISS The Early Years
Photography By Waring Abbott
Review by Dan Bach

This book is a document of photographer Waring Abbott's ten assignments with KISS. The assignments cover an eight year span from 1974 - 1982; 1974 early shows and support slots to 1982 "I" worldwide video satellite broadcast.

Some of the photographs are instantly recognisable - like the 1975 Cadillac Michigan KISS day, A world without heroes video shoot.

Interspersed with the photographs are Gene and Paul's recollections and comments on that particular era of the band's history and Waring Abbott's comments. From stage anecdotes, makeup tips, guitar tuning, meeting with fans on airport tarmac, taking over radio stations, the formation of the KISS army, pulling faces at the Klinger facial salon, strolling NYC's Central Park in Hotter than hell era costumes, Paul's destroyer era two tone hair colouring, to Gene's comment about his Frankenstein creation the demon persona.

This book is not just a collection of photographs, but it's an important documentation of the band's history (very much like Chip Rock's out-takes book a few years ago). It catches KISS' formative years, the stardom after the Destroyer lp success, the inclusion of a new member to the ranks and the trouble with Ace.

Two reasons for buying this book - to see Paul, Peter and Gene applying makeup and Gene's tips on makeup application & admission that it's advisable to pull off your shirt before you makeup!!! Second reason is KISS's ability to pose anywhere, anytime when they knew a camera was on them. Cupboards, wheelchairs and facial salon seats.

Cameo appearances by Bill Aucoin, Lydia Criss, John Harte and Jeanette Frehley 


Thanks to Dan for the review

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