October 2003
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30th October 2003  Exclusive Mark St John Interview
My interview with Mark St John is now up on the site, Mark talks about his new album, Paul, Gene, Eric Carr and being in KISS. I'd like to say a huge thank you to Mark, he was very very cool and extremely helpful, I will have a review of his 'Magic Bullet Theory' album up on the site soon.

Click here to read the interview.


28th October 2003  Expo pics

I've just posted a few pictures from Nottingham on Saturday, I'm still working on the Mark St John interview but should have it finished soon (some of it is unprintable for legal reasons!!!).

There's various pictures from different people on the page as well as a link to Martin Curtis' brilliant collection of pictures. There's also a word or two from Juliet Stemp, the winner of the guitar signed by Mark!

Click here to see the pictures.

26th October 2003  Nottingham Rock City
Had a fantastic time at the expo, will have a full write up posted soon. Dressed To Kill were the highlight for me, as was meeting Mark St. John.

Look out for a interview with Mark this week - during the expo Mark told me to ring him in his hotel room, so straight after the show I gave him a ring.. and woke him up! Not thinking that he'd be up for doing an interview he told me to meet him in the lobby in 15 minutes. I went down and sure enough there he was, he said he was hungry so we went down to Pizza Hut for a take-away (where he met loads of other fans, including Dan). Then we went back to his room where he gave me a an interview and one of his CD's!! You wouldn't believe how surreal it was wondering the streets of Nottingham with an ex-KISS guitarist!

Huge thanks to Dave for organizing the expo, and a special thanks to Dan Bach for arranging accommodation for loads of fans, including myself.

Also look out for a review & pictures from the recent San Diego show from Phil Williams. I should have these up in the next few days.

23rd October 2003  Dressed To Kill Hallowe'en show!
Dressed To Kill will be playing their Hallowe'en show/12th Birthday party at The Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester on Friday 31st October. 

Entry is FREE, and a prize will be given for the best dressed Guy, and the best dressed Girl!
  Hotter Than Hell venue change
Please note that Hotter Than Hell have changed the venue of their show on 30th Nov. Click here for more details.
  Mark St John to sell vintage guitars
[From: KISS Kollector Online / www.kisskollector.com]
Mark St John will be appearing at the Nottingham KISS Expo in England and the Helmond KISS Expo in Holland in the weekend of October 25 and 26.

Not only will he be playing live with tribute band Dressed To Kill in England and with cover band Torpedo Girls in Holland, he will also be selling his CD's, do a Q & A session, pose for photos and sign autographs. But he will also be selling 1 or 2 of his vintage guitars.

Tickets for both Expos are still available. For more info on the October 26 KISS Expo at Plato in Helmond please check out www.kisskollector.com
21st October 2003  Expo
Don't forget that on Saturday is the first of what will hopefully be an annual event - a UK KISS Expo at Rock City in Nottingham. It's not too late to order your tickets - click on the picture for more details.
17th October 2003  Bruce in Daily Star
The Daily Star carried a story about Bruce on page 3 today, as usual it was very well written and researched, just look at the picture of Bruce for example.....!
Click image to enlarge.
Bruce mention on RI:SE
Iain Lee twice mentioned that Bruce Kulick had been shot but was alive and well on RI:SE this morning. Both Iain and Kate passed on their best wishes!
Bruce on BBC website
[From: BBC News]
Kiss guitarist shot outside club
Former Kiss lead guitarist Bruce Kulick has been shot in the leg and grazed by a bullet to the head outside a West Hollywood nightclub. Thursday's shooting occurred when a clubber began shooting into a crowd of 300 people, according to police. One other person was shot in the foot.

Kulick was treated at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre and released.
The 49-year-old was the lead guitarist for Kiss between 1984 and 1996 and has since formed his own band. 
He was injured standing outside a music club about a quarter-of-a-block from the Rainbow Room club, one of the most infamous venues in Los Angeles.

The gunman was arrested and treated for wounds after being tackled to the ground.

The Rainbow Room is the venue where Marilyn Monroe met her future husband, baseball star Joe DiMaggio, in the 1950s. 

Kiss are one of the biggest rock bands in US history, having formed in New York in 1973, and achieving fame through their elaborate make-up, outrageous costumes and spectacular live show. 

The band was formed by bass player Gene Simmons and singer/guitarist Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley. Frehley left the band in 1984 to be replaced by Kulick, but later rejoined the band for tours and their 1998 album Psycho Circus. 
Click here to see the story on the BBC's website

16th October 2003  Bruce Kulick shot
[From: Reuters]
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Former KISS lead guitarist Bruce Kulick (news) was shot in the leg and grazed by a bullet to the head on Thursday outside a popular West Hollywood nightclub when an angry patron started shooting into a crowd of 300 people, Los Angeles sheriff's deputies said.

One other person was slightly injured in the shooting rampage. The gunman was quickly wrestled to the ground by a nightclub patron and held down by others until police arrived. 

Kulick, 49, was a short distance from the Rainbow Bar & Grill nightclub on Sunset Boulevard at about 1:20 a.m. PDT when he was hit in the leg and grazed in the head, a sheriff's spokesman said. He was treated at a hospital and released. Another man was shot in the foot, deputies said.

The gunman, who was not immediately identified by police, was in jail on Thursday on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. He had left the Sunset Strip club after arguing with several people but returned a few minutes later with a 9mm automatic pistol, deputies said.

The gunman fired several rounds into a crowd of about 300 people waiting outside the club or sitting in its outdoor restaurant, officials said. 

Kulick and his representatives could not immediately be reached for comment.

The New York-born Kulick performed with KISS from 1984 to 1995, leaving after the original members donned their black-and-white makeup to embark on a nostalgia tour.

Kulick has since released a solo album and performed with the band Union and 1970s rockers Grand Funk Railroad.

KUK Note: I'd like to give my very best wishes to Bruce and hope he has a very speedy recovery.

  Another Bruce report
[From: Rick Clarke]
LOS ANGELES, 7:00 a.m. PDT October 16, 2003 - A former guitarist for the 
glam rock band KISS has been shot and wounded near a popular Sunset Strip 
bar in West Hollywood, Calif. 

Sheriff's officials said shots were fired at 1:20 a.m. outside the Rainbow 
Bar and Grill. A drunk patron got into an argument inside the bar, returned 
to his car for a 9-mm gunman, and opened fire into a crowd outside the patio 
area of the bar. 
Guitarist Bruce Kulick, who was standing outside a nearby club, was struck 
in the right leg by a stray bullet and grazed above the ear. Another male 
victim who was eating outside the Rainbow was wounded in the right foot. 
Both victims were transported to hospitals. Authorities said three or four 
patrons tackled the suspect and held him down until deputies could arrive. 
Deputy Sam Young said he "got a thumping" and was later taken to a hospital. 

The 21-year-old male suspect is in custody and has been charged with assault 
with a deadly weapon. 

One spectator told NBC4 that people were wrestling the alleged gunman in the 
middle of the street trying to get the gun away from him.
  Ash's solo tour
[From: Danny James]
Ash, (Paul from Dressed To Kill), is to do a Paul Stanley solo tour for early 2004. He has enlisted the help of fellow band member Danny to handle the lead guitar work, and reunited him with ex Parasite band members Carl and Mark. Ash has chosen around 30 KISS / Paul Stanley songs to perform, some rare songs, and some never before heard Paul Stanley material. For more info check out "www.geocities.com/d2kalive/news.html"
[From: Wadey]
Check out http://www.nintendo.com/whoareyou/ 
This is Nintendos new advertising campaign and it looks like Gene has turned intoYoshi! Still think Gene has the bigger tongue.
14th October 2003  Torpedo Girls album
[From: Mike Stone]
Mike Stone of THE TORPEDO GIRLS (www.torpedogirls.com) is in preparation of a very special album:

THE FORGOTTEN SONGS is a project of around 12 KISS songs, which were never released or readymade, some of them only exist in rough demo quality  without complete instruments or vocals. Mike Stone is working with a great european team of musicians on new recordings, the release is planned for summer 2004 by .95 HOLY RECORDS. 

On staurday, 13.12.2003, there will be a recording- party in Duesseldorf, Germany: Mike Stone thinks about an intro of the song "Rotten to the core" (written by Gene Simmons in 1976 during the Rock'n'Roll Over sessions") as a big "scream" of the KISS fan- audience, which will be recorded digitally on this evening. The name and adress of the club, where the event will happen, should be named during the next days.

If you ever wanted to be a part of a CD recording, this is your invitation to be there!

The entrance on this evening is free, we are happy to greet many fans for trying with us the "big scream" for a great KISS project! Mike will surely also perform with his rock- fun project WOODS/KEITH/STONE a big-smile-programm in the name of rock'n'roll. 

Musicians of all kinds (guitar, vocals, violin, flute...) on min. semi- professional level and the proof to be KISS fan are also invited to become part of the recording- project. Send your application per mail to musikmanager@yahoo.de or to Musicmanagement Duesseldorf, Ulenbergstr. 115, 40225 Duesseldorf, Germany.

For the actual stand of the recording sessions visit the homepage www.mikestone.beep.de  to get further information.

MTV Cribs
[From: Michelle Morgan]
Boy George was on MTV cribs on Monday and although I missed most of it, I
did see that he was showing a little Paul Stanley figure. He says it brings
him luck - it brought him luck with his last album and he was hoping for the
same with his next album!!
Dressed To Kill on RI:SE
For those that missed it the UK's best breakfast show (sadly not for long tho) showed some pictures from one of the DTK gigs at the weekend. Iain was there and from the sounds of it had a great time.
6th October 2003  Bruce interview
Have a look over at http://www.music-rock.com/_wsn/page8.html for new interviews with Bruce, Tod Howarth and Brent Fitz (Union). Thanks to Dan for the info.
New Hotter Than Hell dates
Some new tour dates for early 2004 have been added to the Hotter Than Hell page. Click here for more details.
Posh cap
[From: Nick Smith]
Monday sept 29th- The Daily Star: Did anyone else spot Victoria Beckham sporting a baseball cap with a 1992 KISS revenge backstage pass stuck to 
it? What's all that about? see pictures..
Rock & Roll Radio
The KISS version of Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio is featured in the new movie 'School Of Rock' featuring Jack Black (Shallow Hal).
KISS Kollector has moved
[From: Joop/KISS Kollector]
The KISS Kollector Online website has moved to a new domain: www.kisskollector.com (the old one, www.kiss.animalize.com will continue for a little while but will be gone by the end of the year, as will the old e-mail address kiss@animalize.com). The new e-mail address is: mail@kisskollector.com. Please check out our new updates, including news on the latest tourdates, the Starman book by former KISS bodyguard Michael Francis, Paul and Gene's subpoenas, the new issue of KISS Kollector magazine which came out today, the October 26 KISS Kollector Expo with Mark St John, and news on all the upcoming KISS books such as Behind The Mask by Ken Sharp and David Leaf and Sealed With A KISS by Lydia Criss.
1st October 2003  Prince Charles -> Gene in 6 shags!
Gene Simmons has just been featured on a new episode of Six Degrees Of Penetration on Sky 1. Basically it links two completely different people via their sexual exploits in 6 steps - in this case Gene and Prince Charles (scary or what!)! The link went something like this:-

Prince Charles-> Diana -> Dodi Al Fayed -> Daryl Hannah -> Val Kilmer -> Cher -> Gene Simmons

Some small clips of KISS were shown (GGRARTY2, Crazy Crazy Nights, I Love it Loud) along with some z-list journos talking about Gene & Cher. I imagine this will be repeated soon for anyone that missed it.

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