Nottingham KISS Expo 2003
Rock City, 25/10/03

For those of you that went to the Expo on Saturday, I hope you had as good a time as I did. The attendance was pretty good considering the concerns a few weeks ago and everything seemed to go pretty smooth. Without a doubt the highlights for me were Dressed To Kill (who performed a brilliant set featuring the likes of I, Thrills In The Night, Is That You and others that KISS will probably never play) and or course meeting Mark St John.

Mark performed both a signing and Q&A session, followed by providing backing vocals for Dressed To Kill during Heaven's On Fire! I managed to get an interview with Mark in his hotel room later on after the expo, I am currently transcribing it, but until then there's a few pictures below from several different fans.


Firstly, here's a word or two from Juliet Stemp, the winner of the guitar signed by Mark!


I'm very proud to say that I was the very luck winner of the raffle held at the Kiss Expo in Nottingham on Saturday 25th October. The prize being a signed guitar of Mark St John's.

After convincing myself I stood hardly any chance of winning I was more than shocked when my ticket number was called out. I was slightly nervous at the prospect of having to go on stage to accept my prize but my bravery was rewarded with a lovely kiss from Mark himself.

So far this year has been more than memorable for me.

I was very lucky to go to New York for the release of Alive IV where I met Kiss at Best Buys in Manhatten. I had an amazing day spending time with the band and having my photo taken with them. I'd like to say a huge thank you to Kiss for appearing, especially to Paul Stanley for being so lovely.

A special thank you goes to Mark St John for appearing at the Expo and for the opportunity to win his guitar. Please be assured Mark that it will be very well looked after.

Finally to 'Dressed to Kill' for their performance also at the Expo and for proving once again why they are the No 1 Kiss tribute band in Europe
Juliet X

Photos by Paul Finn

Photos from Martin Curtis

Also see Martins website at for a fantastic set of expo pictures!

Photos from Dwight Fry

Photos from Gary Sargeant



Thanks to Martin, Dwight and Gary for the pictures


Unholy Downunder  

E. Rutherford


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