March 2005
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30th March 2005 Ace on Howard Stern... but not for very long

"E! Senior Producer Mike Gange worked the camera in the green room today when Ace Frehley was in, just to be close to him. Howard said that was very gay because he took over somebody else's job just to see a dude. Gange came in and agreed, but said he only did a 30 second interview with him. Howard said he'd understand if it was a hot chick like Pam Anderson, but a DUDE? Gange said he grew up listening to the band and is a huge fan. Howard said Gange crossed over some gay line today. 

Howard admitted that he doesn't know a lot about Ace or KISS, but said he seems like a really nice guy. Chuck Zito came in with him and Howard asked if Ace was scared that Howard might beat him up so he brought Chuck with him as a bodyguard?Ace just laughed and said, "Are you kidding???" Ace and Chuck are in a movie together called Remedy, now on DVD. Ace is not currently touring with KISS but said he has no hard feelings for Gene. He did say they have had their run-ins though. Ace still gets checks because he's one of the original "family" members of KISS. Ace revealed that he didn't want to talk about KISS today, just promote his movie. About 5 minutes into the interview, Gary came in and said Ace's manager wanted him to leave immediately because he didn't want him talking about KISS, so the interview was cut short. Sal the Stockbroker came in, in full Ace make up, to blow some smoke while he had his chance, and then all hell broke loose when Howard went to break. "

KISS Forever Band may hit UK again!
KISS Forever Band may be hitting the UK again in October for 5 or 6 shows, more news as dates are confirmed.
27th March 2005 Still no news on Hyde Park
A lot of people have been writing in to see if there is any more new on the Hyde Park show that Gene mentioned on the radio a month or two ago... Unfortunately nothing more has been said as of yet, and what with Paul concentrating on his solo album (and, according to other unconfirmed rumours,  he may be considering another stint in Phantom) it's uncertain as to when it might happen. No news is good news though, right?....

As for KISS' next show, it's a private show for marines on April 1st. See here for more info.

DTK Standard review
[From: Dwight Fry] 
Hey Paul, just wanna pass on my appreciation through to the wonderful boys of Dressed To Kill who played such a magnificent 2 hour set of KISS toons at Walthamstow's Standard in London last Friday night. It was hard work getting there from s.Wales, and even harder work getting back, but the time in between was amazing. With pyro, confetti bombs, multiple fire-breathing, blood-spitting and over 20 songs to pick a favourite from, Dressed To Kill were simply the best I'd seen them up until now. Happy 15th Anniversary Dressed To Kill!

Starting off with a mind-numbingly bum-bitingly exciting combination of I Stole Your Love, Deuce, and Makin' Love, the boys managed to squeeze in other classics such as 2,000 Man, Rip It Out, Love Gun, Calling Dr.Love, Shout It Out Loud, God of Thunder, I Was Made For Lovin' You, Lick It Up, Detroit Rock City, Beth, Rock And Roll All Nite and Black Diamond. But definite highlights were the far rarer Move On, Hide Your Heart, All American Man and Hooligan. They even had time to throw in Toni Basil's 'Mickey', oh and a few riffs from Exciter and Fits Like A Glove (you tease, Ash!). This gig had it all. I hadn't seen DTK since the 2003 Notts Rock City Expo when they delighted me with 'Kissin' Time' 
and 'Thrills In The Night', but I plan to be in Crewe for their next show... I recommend it! 
New Canon KISS Camera
Check out this advert for a new Canon camera released in Japan!
KISS Forever Band update
The KISS Forever Band page has now been updated with some of their latest photos & tour dates.
KISS tribute on Belgium TV show
[From: Chris V.N.] 
Here's a link to a KISS tribute from a famous Belgian Talkshow. The show runs from monday till friday on national television called "één" (it means "one"). The band consist of studio musicians who are the house band of the show, this one time they did a tribute to KISS :-) Please don't take it seriously , they didn't either! Especially take a look at the keyboard player! :-)
Eric rejoins Alice Cooper??
[From: Blabbermouth] 
According to a post at SickthingsUK, drummer Eric Singer (KISS) has rejoined ALICE COOPER for the recording of his new album and upcoming tour. This now places ALICE's current band personnel at Ryan Roxie and Damon Johnson on guitar, Chuck Garric on bass and the returning Singer on drums. COOPER's new CD, tentatively titled "Dirty Diamonds", is projected for a June release and is also said to be a continuation of the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" more organic approach with a few twists, including the title track, "Dirty Diamonds", which Alice has discribed as "an epic."
12th March 2005 Comic Relief 2005

It had to happen one day, I've been waiting years to slap on the grease paint.... Yesterday was Comic Relief 2005, and in order to help make some £££ someone at work suggested we dressed up as KISS... so of course I jumped at the chance!!!

Click here to see all the pictures.

ESP in Germany
ESP Project Live in Germany with cheaper Tickets from 
For the only ESP Show in Germany on 30.April. 2005 the Tickets are cheaper now!
23 Euro in advance or 26 Euro at the door! For the ESP Show with Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer; John Corabi und Chuck Garrick (Alice Cooper) in Babenhausen (near to Frankfurt) will be some surprises for the Fans! More Information coming soon!
For more Information about the Show see  
Tickets for the Show also on or E Mail to 
Thanks a lot
harald streibl, Webmaster of
8th March 2005 Tommy Vance
Tommy Vance, ex Radio 1 DJ and presenter of the Friday Night Rock SHow has died at the age of 63. An obituary from the BBC can be read here.
6th March 2005 KISS' first 2005 appearance
KISS made their first appearance of 2005 last week with a surprise appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. They came on to give a signed guitar to a 10 year old fan who has just recovered from a brain tumour, it was done entirely off their own backs and is well worth watching.

You can check out the entire video over at the Ellen site.

Dressed To Kill shows
Just a reminder of some forthcoming Dressed To Kill shows:- 
Friday March 11th - The Standard, Walthamstow. (London E17)
Friday May 27th - Limelight Club, Crewe.
Saturday May 28th - Rock Cafe 2000, Stourbridge.

Full list can be seen here.

Also they now have a brand new website over at: which contains full details for each venue, and a whole load of other DTK info.

Jamie Redknapp a fan??
Jamie Redknapp was spotted in the Daily Mirror at the weekend wearing a Dynasty T-shirt! Another UK celeb to add to the list of closet fans?? Thanks to Rob for the picture. 
Asshole DualDisc - CD/DVD
A new version of Asshole is going to get a release in Europe soon - its in a special DualDisc format which means it's a CD one side and DVD the other. Not sure what the DVD will have on it yet though.

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