Ok here it is from a very tired but very happy KISS fan in Fukuoka.

20th July Fukuoka Kokusai Centre

A much smaller venue than Nayoga, probably half the size and yet attendance was still at best 50%, disappointing but it didn't seem to adversely affect the band's mood as they were in a real party mode, joking around and having fun. The technical glitches of the first night seemed to have been straightened out too so it made for a smoother show.

Here's the set list, this get's a bit complicated as the band were in a 'playful' mood, to make it simpler I've marked partial versions (1 or 2 verses with a * and unaccompanied renditions with **)

1. Detroit Rock City
2. Makin' Love
3. Watchin' You
4. King of the Night Time World
5. Deuce
6. Christine 16
7. Firehouse (Gene breathes fire)
8. Hotter than Hell** (Paul plays intro only)
9. Got to Choose
10. Kissin' Time (inc Eric Vocal) (    )
11. Heavens on Fire
12. Suziyaki **
13. I love it Loud
14. Love Gun
15. God of Thunder (Gene does blood spitting routine and flies)
16. Do you love me?
17. Shout it out Loud
18. I was made for loving you (Paul flies into audience)
19. Black Diamond (Eric Vocal)
20. Let me go Rock & Roll (Black Diamond ending with levitating drum
21. Love her all I can *
22. Parasite *
23. She *
24. Shock Me (Paul Vocal)  *
25. Hotter than Hell (This time whole band play first verse & chorus) *
26. God Gave Rock & Roll to You
27. Rock & Roll all Nite

Re guitars Paul was still using Washburns, Tommy had the Black Les Paul along with the silver and cherry sunburst ones.

2 Eric vocals in the set was interesting, makes you wonder how long it will be before Tommy gets a turn 

All in all, a fantastic show from a band at the height of it's powers, hopefully at the Udo Festivals in Osaka & Tokyo they will finally get the audience they deserve.
(Ace in DTK)
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