Trev (Ace in Dressed To Kill) managed to meet a few people at a train station in Japan the other day:-

Imagine my surprise as I was stood on a soggy railway platform this morning at Nagoya with even soggier luggage and looked round to find myself standing next to... Gene Simmons..... and Paul Stanley..... and Eric Singer.... and Tommy Thayer.... in fact... errrrr KISS!!!!!! The band were on the same platform with Doc et al waiting for the Nozumi Bullet train to Fukuoka. After I stopped gawping like a 12 year old I managed to go and say hello and get some autographs. Gene was a real gent and of course I had to drop DTK's name re Rockschool and the Expo with Eric. The band all looked great without make up & up close, sorry I didn't ask about a UK tour, or Paul's solo album, or a million and one other things I thought of afterwards, although I did manage to impress Gene with my (very few) words of Japanese.

Anyway here's a piccy of Gene with me trying to look vaquely rock and roll and failing at 10am- at least I remembered to dump the pac-a-mac!