Report 3 - Paul on Open Mike With Mike Bullard

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Written by Sean Cowie, SKKK

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Here is a synopsis of Paul's Tuesday night appearance on Canada's Open Mike With Mike Bullard:

Paul was the top billed guest and it was a real surprise to see him with a new short hairdo. Yes that's right...he has shorn the locks! Think the Killers album minus the purple headband and you're on the right track. He was looking sharp with the hair slicked back, black leather pants and a chest hair baring open-collared shirt, which Mike Bullard had to rag on him about. With his new hair, he looks a LOT different. He definitely looks every one of his 47 years with a heavily receding hairline. Still, he looks great and in far better shape than most other men his age do.

The interview itself was pretty formulaic. Paul was really pushing Phantom, saying he's working very hard to put on a great show. He assured everyone whether they like KISS or not or whether they like The Phantom or not, they WILL love the show. He joked that unless everyone in Canada came to see the show, he would be disappointed. Despite Bullard's efforts to steer the conversation toward KISS, Paul continuously tried to focus on Phantom instead.

With his segment lasting only about 10 minutes, there wasn't as much revealed as I had hoped. I wanted to hear about the vocal training, acting classes, stage fright, etc.--things that would be interesting and revelatory, rather than a Phantom shillfest and outlet for Bullard's mockery. Oh well...Paul appears on Pamela Wallin Live on June 7th for 1 hour so hopefully more will be discussed then.

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