Report 4 - Paul on Pamela Wallin Show

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Written by Sean Cowie, SKKK

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Synopsis of Paul On Canadian Pamela Wallin Show
Here is the lowdown on Paul's appearance on CBC's Pamela Wallin show Monday night here in Canada.

The show opened with Pamela introducing Paul as the frontman for KISS and his new undertaking as The Phantom. Despite how Paul has looked recently, his hair was not slicked back; instead, he wore it kind of high on  top (a bit Kramer-ish), not unlike the Killers album cover minus the purple  headband. He was wearing baggy jeans and a black mesh button-up shirt, undone (of course) to show off the furry chest. He really looked great though. In fact, he hasn't looked healthier and happier in years, in my opinion.

Ms. Wallin's questions were diverse and well-thought, ranging from Paul's
opinion on the longevity of KISS (until they don't have fun doing it) to whether or not he would allow his son to listen to KISS' music (yep).

Other topics addressed:

The role of critics--Paul quickly dismissed them as having no credentials and no importance other than to talk down to people and try to "educate the masses";

Paul's sexual escapades in the past--Paul believes that both parties knew what the other wanted and everyone left with a smile on their face (GREAT response!!);

Rumours of the band's status--Paul said there is arguments but like all marriages and families, there are always disputes;

The origins of the "Starchild" makeup--an extension of Paul's persona;

The marketing blitz--the band comes before the merchandise and every other band followed suit once they saw how much money KISS made. Wallin questioned the money-making motives and Paul seemed to get a bit agitated when questioned whether or not KISS is a positive role model. He outlined the band's charitable donations during the tour and their positive outlook in the music. Paul's comeback was the news media's bastardisation of the medium to utilise ratings and the subsequent desensitisation of children due to the shocking footage shown daily on television and in the movies (another GREAT response!).

Rumours of Ace's "contractual obligation" to remain sober--Paul sidestepped the issue tenderly but did admit they all agreed to give the best show they could for the fans;

Paul's parents--Dad was a furniture salesman and is going to be 80 next year;

Paul's success--he will never pamper his son with the indulgences that money can bring;

Paul's musical tastes--it runs the gamut and he says listening to one kind of music is like eating the same food, but he did admit a fondness for The Beatles;

Phantom makeup--takes 45 minutes to apply;

There was some live Phantom footage shown as well as clips from the Psycho  Circus video, the '96 Shout It Loud clip, and the live RARAN video.

All around, the hour was excellent and Ms. Wallin did not embarrass herself despite her obvious lack of KISS knowledge. Paul's answers were loose and witty while remaining sharp and educated.

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