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Okay, the first thing I've got to say about this book is BUY IT! I don't know how long it's gonna be available for so get it while you can. This book is both incredibly cool.... and incredibly saddening at the same time - KISS really are getting rid of everything. There are costumes from many tours, guitars, amps, clothing (lots from 80's), handwritten lyrics, original artwork for album covers, drum kits, gold records, Gene's fake blood(!)... and some stuff that should have never have made it into the auction. It seems that Mr Simmons is intent on clearing his house of anything KISS related - there is even an xmas card from Paul Stanley in there!

All eras from KISS are covered including clothing & instruments from most tours, even Eric Carrs original Hawk costume that was never used is there, in fact everything that was on show at the official KISS conventions is too. The saddening part of this is when you think how cool it would be to see all this at a convention or in rock museums (where they should be). It's a shame to think that the whole lot is about to be split up all over the world, most of it never to be in the public eye again.

The book is well worth buying, around 180-ish full colour pages, definitely gets pride of place next to KISStory in my collection. It's available in either softback or hardback (both can be signed - at a price). The standard softback edition that I have cost $50 including shipping to the UK (took about 2 weeks to get here). Estimates start at a couple of hundred dollars and go up to phenomenal amounts ($125,000 for a set of Love Gun costumes and mannequins anyone?). If anyone wants to get me that gorgeous Eric Carr drum kit (without doubt one of my favourite items in the auction) it's only estimated at $5000-$10000, and Gene's lovely zippable leather thong (see picture) is only estimated to go for $500 (like I said some stuff should not be here!!).

Ok, who will be
bidding for this then?

The auction is split into 2 lots - bidding starts at 1pm on Saturday 24th June and continues the following day, you are able to bid online. Visit their website at for more info (same place if you want to order the book).


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Ordering Details
The book can be ordered direct from the UK distributors Tracks for 35 + 3 P&P by either requesting a catalogue or by visiting their Website.

Butterfields sell the book from the US for $35 (+$15 international postage)


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