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During the late 80's / early 90's one thing the UK wasn't short of was KISS fan clubs, we had KISSGoin Blind Issue 5 Crazy, KISS Renegades and even a video based magazine at one point. But sadly over time they all disappeared (some quicker than others), and this is where Goin' Blind steps in. The club is only on its 5th fanzine but it has already hosted its first KISS Expo and after the success of that Expo '99 is being planned for August 29th. You may have spotted Goin' Blind last year when it appeared in Record Collector magazine.

Chris Hatten who runs the club has kindly sent me a review copy of the fanzine. Basically the club costs 8 per year to join, that gets you 4 copies of the fanzine and a few other bits & bobs. So is it worth it? Well yes I'd say so, the fanzine that I was sent (issue 5) contained a whole load of stuff that I hadn't seen before - including a review of the 'They Walk Among Us' film that was shown in Leeds last year. Amonst other things issue 5 contains:-

Goin Blind Issue 5Issue 5 weighs in at 28 pages, but the small fonts means that a lot gets packed in to every issue. The quality of the printing itself is very good, although the some of the pictures aren't too clear. The content is great, I like the inclusion of parts of KISS' history that would otherwise be lost (such as the review from 1976). Obviously being quarterly means that news isn't always up to date, but the news section only makes up a small part of what is a very good fanzine, and when combined with the KISS Expos this is a great club to be part of.

Personally I'm looking forward to becoming a fully fledged member, and when bought in conjunction with KISS Psychos you'll have two excellent sources of UK KISS info.

Contact Details:-

Goin' Blind costs 8 per year from:-

Goin' Blind
1 Matty Road
West Midlands
B68 9RG

Tel/Fax. 0121 532 3359

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