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According to the makers of KISS UnAuthorized this is a video produced by KISS fans for KISS fans, it is the latest project to come from David Snowdon in the States. The video clearly states that it contains no musical recordings by KISS, so what exactly does it contain? Once you get over the headache caused by the advert at the beginning you'll be in for a pleasant surprise. The video contains a mixture of TV appearances, fan based video and photos taken mainly throughout the 90's. All of the clips on the video are great quality and very well presented, the video-camera based fan material is great quality, so don't let it put you off.

The video contains the following material, if you've never seen most of this before (like me) then you'll find this video very interesting:-

Hollywood Rockwalk induction for Paul, Gene & Bruce (1994?)
Interview with Bruce, Paul & Gene before induction
Rock Hall Of Fame Induction for Peter Criss
Rock Hall Of Fame Induction for Ace Frehley & Eric Carr (very cool)
Interview with Ace about induction
Cool footage of KISS getting their Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Short interview with Paul, Gene, Eric & Vinnie about religious groups
News segment about Eric Carr - Tale Of The Fox video
Anti-drugs adverts by Gene & Paul
Recent TV interview with Paul, Gene, Peter & Ace about Farewell Tour (Ace looks like he has just woken up on this one and says very little)
Plus other stuff such as backstage clips

I have to admit I was very impressed with this, it's great to see such good quality stuff coming from an unofficial source, and let's face it there's no way we'll ever see stuff like this released officially. If like me you're a sucker for watching anything KISS related then you'll love it, it makes for a great way to pass away 55 minutes, the Rock Hall Of Fame footage with Ace is especially cool.



Thanks to TRACKS (UK distributor for KISS UnAuthorised) for the review copy


Eric Carr - Tale Of The Fox
The Second Coming


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The video can be ordered direct from the UK distributors Tracks by either requesting a catalogue or by visiting their Website.


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