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Gathering of Developers
Press Release - December 1998


Gathering of Developers Announces Deal with Legendary Rock Group KISS and
Newly Formed High-Powered Development House
Bloodshot Entertainment to Create Game Based on
KISS Psycho Circus Comics Series by Todd McFarlane

Dallas, TX, December 2, 1998 -- Put on your kabuki makeup, black leather and metallic studs, and stick out your tongue in your best Gene Simmons impression -- KISS is going digital! Developer-driven computer and video game publisher Gathering of Developers today announced a publishing deal with new developer group, Bloodshot Entertainment, to create a game based on the best-selling KISS: Pyscho Circus comics and action figures series by Todd McFarlane.

Bloodshot Entertainment, comprised of designers, artists and programmers formerly of ION Storm, is developing a 3D action game that integrates McFarlane's rendition of the KISS "universe" with the likeness of the legendary KISS members and their music. The game will be published in the U.S. by Gathering of Developers, and Take 2 Interactive will co-publish the title in Europe. The Gathering has secured the KISS: Psycho Circus license for all game platforms.

"Our shows are a sensory ambush, filled with hard-core rock and roll, cutting-edge technology, and in-your-face action," proclaims Gene Simmons, KISS vocalist and bassist. "We are working with Bloodshot to convey that same raw electric excitement in this game."

Simmons continued, "We aren't all gamers ourselves, but we got the word that The Gathering was the place to call if we wanted a guarantee of quality and artist recognition. Besides, it's good to have g.o.d. on our side for once!"

KISS is a rock and roll institution that has transcended the rock fiefdom to command its own enduring and defiantly unique legacy. With over 80 million records sold, sold out tours, a succession of gold and platinum awards (second only to The Beatles) and 25 year career, KISS continue to boldly thrive in the face of changing fashion and musical trends as rock and roll survivors. Their latest LP, Psycho Circus (Polygram), released in October, has just gone gold, for a total of 30 KISS gold albums to date.

"I have wanted to do a KISS game for years," said Mike Wilson, CEO of Gathering of Developers. "The opportunity to be working with great creative talent at Bloodshot Entertainment and KISS was just too good to be true. Gene and the rest of the band are truly psyched about the possibilities for this game, as is the Bloodshot crew."

"As huge and cool as the KISS license is, we needed to be sure that we could deliver a game that would satisfy the millions of hard-core gamers and KISS fans," said Will Loconto, Bloodshot Entertainment. "Once we checked out Todd McFarlane's KISS comics, we saw how perfectly this universe lends itself to a kick-ass game."

Currently on tour for its Psycho Circus album featuring all four original members - Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss - the band has several other licensed properties that are selling as hot as the concerts. Todd McFarlane Productions, in association with Sony Signatures, publishes the monthly comic book KISS Psycho Circus which experienced the largest sales increase for a newly introduced comic book in 1997. Kiss Psycho Circus expands upon the mystique of KISS by developing macabre, circus-type story lines. In addition, KISS action figures from McFarlane Toy's have consistently sold out. A feature film called "Detroit Rock City,” scheduled for a 1999 release, tells the story of four teenage boys going to a KISS concert in the 70's and is being produced by New Lin Cinema.

KISS generated over $150 million in ticket sales for its 1996-97 world tour, which was the number one grossing tour that year. The band performed 200 shows in 24 countries to over 2 million people. Generating $30 million in tour merchandise, KISS sold over $1.2 million at the Tokyo Dome alone.

Founded in Dallas, TX in December 1997, Gathering of Developers is a developer-driven computer and video game publishing company. The company's mission is to be the worldwide leader in the development and delivery of commercially successful computer game software designed for a range of platforms. The company's pioneering partners are industry leaders and proven hit makers 3D Realms, Epic MegaGames, PopTop Software, Ritual Entertainment, Terminal Reality Inc and Edge of Reality. For more information visit Gathering of Developers Web site at

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